Quit Sugar?

Then you will be pleased to hear about...

Skinny Prosecco

Skinny Prosecco. That’s correct, all the flavour, half the sugar. Whilst we are continuing to calorie count and take more interest in the amount of sugar going into our food, there’s no reason we shouldn't sometimes take a little look at our choice of beverages. As a glass easily turns into a bottle, sometimes it’s hard to believe there are almost 500 calories in a bottle of Prosecco. However, a glass of Skinny Prosecco comes in at under 70! With a deliciously smooth and dry flavour it’s impossible to spot the difference in taste between skinny and the original.

One Warwick Park are pleased to be stockists of this great Prosecco revolution. Make sure you head to Happy Hour every day from 5-7pm where you can get half the sugar for half the price!