World Gin Day: Our favourite ways you can enjoy your gin…

Its official, the 10th of June marks World Gin Day, as if we needed more of a reason to celebrate our love of Gin!

Gin has become one of our most versatile drinks on the menu, and the rise in popularity is significant. We are forever intrigued at the differing ingredients and methods people have to enhance their favourite tipple.

At One Warwick Park we have introduced some delicious gin cocktails onto our new menu and they have proved to be a popular choice amongst our guests. If you have more of a sweet tooth then our ‘Gin Garden’ is the perfect match for you, for something a little fancier there is the ‘French’ a luxurious combination of Louis Roederer Champagne and Bombay Sapphire Gin.

Here we share some of our favourite ways you can enjoy your gin…

Spice it up, adding a bird’s eye chilli to your gin and tonic gives it a refreshing kick

Sweet and savoury, try muddling your gin and tonic with some black peppercorns, and add freshly sliced strawberries, trust us.

Make it a mule, if you want something a little more adventurous use ginger beer instead of tonic and squeeze in fresh lime.

Freshen up the old classic, slice cucumber into your drink, and add a drop of elderflower for a refreshing twist on a classic, perfect for a summers evening.

As its World Gin Day we are mixing some exclusive cocktails for you, and each of them have their very own story.  Like the ‘Tom Collins’, a simple, yet delicious cocktail traditionally made with Old Tom Gin and introduced by famous mixologist Jerry Thomas. Or how about the popular ‘Bramble’, which got its name as a result of the way the liquor trickles through the crushed ice, giving the effect of brambles.

Make sure you head over to try one of our famous Gin cocktails, as if World Cocktail Day wasn’t enough of an excuse…

We have happy hour is Monday- Thursday 5-7pm, Friday- Saturday 6-7pm.