Planning a wedding is exciting but decorating and seeing it come to life is even more so. When starting to decorate your wedding venue and gathering all the little finishing touches, really think whether the trinkets will go with your desired theme or if you have to buy it immediately -  It’s likely that the item you are excited about will still be there in a few weeks, or your theme may change slightly.  Doing your research before purchasing is important as the last thing you want is a miss-match wedding - unless that’s what you’re going for - or to go over budget.

The venue’s features
Use your venue’s features to their full potential… work with what you have instead of trying to create more work for yourself by creating new features. Are there fire places or centre pieces you can take advantage of? Alternatively, if you have a specific idea in mind, does your venue provide a blank canvas for your dream day to come to life? At One Warwick Park Hotel our Function Room is a blank canvas and can be transformed to suit your ideal wedding day.

Picture moments
Being able to remember your special day should be one of the items at the top of your to do list. Once you have selected your photographer, you want to make sure they have ample places to capture the both of you and your happy guests. Think about the amount of light in your venue, are their high ceilings or natural light? Are your decorations complimenting the venue’s backdrop? Those little touches provide you with a photo album you will never want to put down.

Tasteful novelty
For that extra special touch, include novel ideas that perhaps you haven’t seen at others weddings. Homemade Gin wedding favours are a hit or a box of flip flops for those powering through in heels. Another idea is a wedding book so your loved ones can leave you heartfelt messages for you to reflect back on.

Now you have our tips, get in touch to plan your dream wedding at One Warwick Park Hotel.