Embracing equality in the workplace

Workplace equality is a contentious issue - companies are very vocal about addressing it nowadays, and rightly so. We have moved forward in a big way since the heroics of Emmeline Pankhurst and the suffragette’s, or the relentless racial war seen across America and the West throughout the 20th Century – companies want to be socially conscious.

Striving towards a diverse, inclusive and safe business environment is undoubtedly stitched into the seams of 2018 work culture. It’s never been so important to understand the evolution of equality and what we need to address. The 1980’s is well documented as a time of huge progression for professional women, ‘breaking the glass ceiling’ which continues to shatter today. But we now enter an era of obvious social fluidity, where the LGBTQ community often hit the headlines. It is this continual progression that should be celebrated and welcomed. Changing society’s attitudes has forged a path for those once silenced to walk and the fact that this is generally mirrored in the modern workplace is a testament to the 100+ years of change that has taken place. There has never been a better time to work, as a woman, a person of colour, a gay woman or man or any other individual who considers themselves a minority.

In celebration of these changes, Pride themed events are hosted throughout the UK during August. Spectator’s gather to witness and participate in colourful and engaging parades, all in the name of being loud and proud for what you believe in; a truly fitting metaphor for the progress we have enjoyed so far as a community. For Tunbridge Wells, Pride hits the town this weekend! Whilst we can’t all attend the magical parades, we can join the celebration - organise a work party in one of our spaces at One Warwick Park Hotel.