International Have fun at Work Day!

Celebrate international fun at work day on Sunday the 28th January. This awareness day is often celebrated on the Friday before, however, as One Warwick Park Hotel is open 7 days a week, we’ll stick to tradition and celebrate on the correct day!

Here are a few ways we like to celebrate with our teams!

  • Begin buzz meetings with a game such as ‘true or false’. Each staff member has to give a true statement, along with a false statement, can you decipher which is which?
  • Have an office decorating contest; choose a theme such as colours, favourite movie or a country.
  • Provide some light bites or a lunch or dinner; employees love it when food it provided! Research has shown that offering a meal for staff has improved employee satisfaction and team motivation.
  • Reward staff; this could include prizes following any games you have played throughout the day or simply rewarding for their hard work and going above and beyond.
  • Plan ahead and ask your team to bring in a photo of themselves when they were younger. Pop them all up in the office and see if your team can guess who’s who!

It’s funny how a bit of fun in the workplace even with one day a year can boost the team’s moral and increase productivity.  We’d love to hear what you and your teams got up to at work. Share your pictures on our social media pages.


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