Budgeting for an Event

What is an event budget planner?

An event budget planner is a visual spreadsheet or chart that will outline what you plan to spend on your event and how much you have actually spent.


How can a budget planner help you?

Our tracker will allow you to track your expected costs verses your actual costs, keep a list of all items required at your event along with quantities and whilst it’s all written down you’ll be able to see where you can improve your budget.


How to use the budget planner?

  1. Get organised: Allow yourself a realistic budget; not too high that it you’ll be out of pocket, but also not enough that means you can’t include all required items.

  2. Research the best products for the right value: Don’t always go for the cheapest, make sure the quality reflects the price.

  3. Keep referring back to your plan: Check you are still on budget, if not, where can you cut costs?

  4. Following your event, when you have your actual expenditure, look back through to see what worked well and what you could improve next time. Did you need everything or did you even have enough? What will you do different next time? Did you save more than last time? Use the notes sections provided as you go along so that you don’t forget anything.

Get organised today by downloading our budget tracker here:



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