The Importance of Self-care

Everyone has heard the mantra ‘treat yo-self’ and whilst the phrase is usually used in jest, it is important to treat yourself once in a while. It is perhaps a very British trait to feel guilty when doing so but there are genuine benefits to treating yourself, both physically and mentally. Even in our busy lives we should find time for a little (and well deserved) self-care. Below are our key reasons for why treating yourself, in moderation, is necessary.

It’s good for you, in more ways than one.

The main reason for visiting a salon or spa is to improve our appearance - be it glowing skin, flawless nails or longer eyelashes. Whilst an enhanced appearance is a great mood improver and good for self-esteem, having treatments can trigger the Relaxation Response too - a physiological benefit. The Relaxation Response involves factors such as heart rate and blood pressure returning to a normal state, which is positive for stress levels and thus self-care.

Self care teaches you how you want to be treated by others.

If you don’t treat yourself then how will you know what good treatment is? Treating yourself to whatever makes you happy allows you to know when others are treating you well too. There’s no shame in buying yourself a bunch of pretty flowers or a sweet scented candle.

Indulging is good for feeling revitalised.

The word indulging is usually accompanied with negative conations and as a society we are advised to avoid being indulgent. However, occasionally indulging in your favourite things, whether it’s eating out, shopping or beauty treatments is a great way to rejuvenate. Allowing yourself something nice helps restart yourself and tackle the day to day challenges life can pose.

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