Five key questions to ask when finding the perfect venue to hold a conference

Searching for the perfect venue to hold your conference can be tough. When looking for a venue, it is easy to become overly focused on the finer details and as a result, ending up overlooking something critical for your conference.

Before moving forward, choosing the venue, you should have a plan in place and make a list of all your requirements.

We have started the list below:



Location is one of the most important requirements for a conference; you have to keep in mind where your attendees are coming from. Is the venue you have in mind walking distance from the railway station? Is it central and easy to find? Is there parking nearby?



What type of food does the venue provide and will it exceed your guest's expectations? If so, can the venue provide for vegan, gluten-free and other dietary requirements to cater to your guest's needs?



Location is an important requirement for a conference; keep in mind where your attendees are coming from, is the venue walking distance from the railway station? Is it central and easy to find? And is there parking nearby?



Does the venue have enough space for your conference? Your guests should have enough space to feel comfortable during the conference and a nice space in the breaks to relax.



It’s the little things that count… does the venue provide you with items like complimentary stationery, a tea and coffee station and will the venue go the extra mile to ensure your conference is a success?

 Pencil and notepad 


At One Warwick Park Hotel, we aim to provide our guests with the best experience and to go the extra mile to cater to their needs. One Warwick Park Hotel offers a choice of spaces, from intimate areas for smaller conferences to areas suitable for large corporate events. Catering to all of our guests' requirements to ensure the food exceeds their expectations. With free Wi-Fi, state-of-the-art AV equipment including Air Media, projector and TV screen, One Warwick Park Hotel is the ideal meeting place for your business.

For more information on holding your conference at One Warwick Park Hotel, please email or call 01892553357