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There is no better time celebrate the most important meal of the day than during Better Breakfast Month – September. Breakfast is arguably one of the most versatile meals of the day and has become much more than a bowl of cereal. Breakfast’s increasing popularity has meant some interesting trends have surfaced…

  • Protein pancakes

At a time where society is becoming progressively health conscious and body aware, people are seeking healthy alternatives to their guilty pleasures and changing traditional breakfast recipes. Protein pancakes are just one example of this; protein powder is the key part to the new pancake recipe and leaves breakfast lovers feeling guilt free as they commence their day.

  • All day breakfast

Breakfast time has become much more fluid and is no longer succumbed to an early morning time slot. The versatile meal is now enjoyed in brunch form leading up to the afternoon hour of 3pm or even later. Later breakfasts are now labelled ‘brinner’ which is a fusion of traditional breakfast plates served at dinner time. One common brinner meal includes a full English breakfast served around 6pm.

  • Overnight oats

Gone are the days of plain cornflakes and milk, overnight oats have made a stand and are consumed by the nation. Overnight oats are a mixture of desired flavours and ingredients mixed with oats that are left in the fridge overnight, ready to eat immediately in the morning. The simple mixture of foods tastes great and is highly suitable for on-the-go eaters as well as the work-morning rush. Overnight oats also fall into the healthy eating trend as they are high in fibre and in some cases, reduce cholesterol and blood sugar.

  • Avocado

The celebrity of the fruit world and perhaps the breakfast trend of the year, the avocado. The majority of the nation have become avocado advocates with avocado centred dishes being one of the most posted foods online. The fruit can be mashed, sliced or spread and is regularly accompanied by poached egg. Some have even resorted to blending the avocado pip and adding it to their breakfast smoothly. Avocado pips are packed full of antioxidants and other healthy nutrients.

At One Warwick Park we serve a delicious breakfast which is the perfect compliment to a luxury night stay in one of our beautiful rooms. If you’re part of the fluid breakfast time trend, join us for a brunch instead… be assured, avocado features on the menu! Book now on 01892 520587.


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