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You’ve researched and got the best venue suited to your event in the right location, the layout is correct and your attendees are ready to learn, but how are you going to keep them engaged? Will they remember your event for the right reasons?

Firstly, what is a guest speaker? A guest speaker is usually a person who is not directly connected to the event or organisers. A guest speaker usually brings an outside perspective to the group, offers support or provides entertainment.

We’ve got our top tips to help you find the right person for your event:

  1. The guest speaker will get to know your audience: they will be organised and get in contact with a several members of the audience ahead of the event. they will understand what your audience want to get from the speech and the event. If short on time, your guest speaker may wish to arrive slightly earlier so that they can speak to members as they arrive.
  2. Create a presence; confidence, humour (where suitable) and welcoming, these are all attributes that will grab the attention of your audience compared to someone who is reading from a sheet, talking in a monotone voice or coming across as reserved or shy.
  3. Know the event; does the layout suit the guest speakers presentation and topic? Have you had other speakers in the past, if so, share what worked well and what didn’t with the new speaker. Does your audience expect hand-outs or access to the speakers slides? How long have you allowed for the presentation? Help the guest speaker be prepared prior to the event.
  4. Use the right kit; do you and your guest speaker require any AV equipment? If you are using any technology for presentations, allow the guest speaker time practise and check in advance that the venue supports it. Make sure your speaker is in keeping the times, using an old programme to display their presentation may not be as effective as high-quality video displays.
  5. your guest speaker will share their passion; they are mist likley doing this talk because it’s something they know and love. The audience will be attracted and engaged if they communicate with emotion, focusing on how they feel, expressing it in their speech.

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