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afternoon tea.

When you are organising a party for family and friends, having some activities lined up for your guests to enjoy can bring some excitement to your plans. Organising some group activities for your guests to participate in are particularly useful for breaking the ice if you have a few guests that may not know the others. Being the odd one out in a room full of good friends can be quite intimidating, creating team competitions for your guests to enjoy will break the ice and help them fit right in.

These activities don’t need to break the bank, with quiz games or musical chairs being simple to set up and enjoy. Keeping your guests entertained and having a fantastic time has never been easier, with a wide range of party activities and games available for people of all ages to enjoy.

At One Warwick Park Hotel we pride ourselves on the service we provide as an events venue. At our hotel we provide our clients with function rooms that act as a blank canvas for you to decorate and will fit all kinds of party activity. Our friendly and professional staff will work with you to ensure your vision for your event comes to life.

Cocktail making party

A cocktail making party is a fantastic idea for a smaller more intimate event. While some will want to invite a lot of people, cocktail making classes often work best with a small group of friends. This is a good activity for an after dinner palette cleanser. While everyone is still digesting, having a cocktail making class before heading out to the local bars to paint the town red, is an incredible way to kick start a fabulous evening.

If you have any non-drinkers in your party, then our staff will be happy to teach them the art of the non-alcoholic cocktail, to ensure they aren’t left out.


A BBQ event is a classic for any party. The delicious heat from the fire and the fun of cooking food (and marshmallows) over an open flame are a fantastic bonding opportunity. There are hundreds of brilliant barbeque recipes for even novice chefs that anyone can try.

Ever since the COVID 19 lockdown began, all over the world people have been starved of company. Going back to basics with a campfire, telling stories, or even breaking out a guitar and having a sing-a-long creates an instant connection between people.


Costumes are a great way to liven up a party! From shoddy home-made zombie make overs, to elaborate Chewbacca bodysuits, having a costume party brings out the inner child in everyone.

Having a costume party brings an instant element of fun to any party. Having themed costumes such as intergalactic costumes, or literary characters can add an extra element to your guest’s costume choices. Handing out awards for best costume, or indeed worst costume, in an award ceremony to mimic famous awards ceremonies such as the BAFTAS or Golden Globes is another great activity to try.

Laser Tag

A great choice for more adventurous party goers, laser tag has been fan favourite for years. Playing laser tag in teams and working together to defeat the other troop is a fantastic bonding experience. As the technology used for laser tag becomes more and more immersive the better the experience becomes.

Generally placed in a forest setting, this is a fantastic way to get more acquainted with the great outdoors, including all the mud you can find.

Sticker attack

Easy to organise and great fun to play! Five of your guests are given a packet of coloured stickers when they walk in, they have to place as many stickers as possible on other guests before they are caught. The player which manages to place the most stickers on other guests wins.

If all the sticker carriers are caught, you can rotate who is placing stickers. Another great way to liven up the game is to ask guests that notice they have had a sticker placed on them to pretend to die dramatically. It creates a fun atmosphere and costs practically nothing.

Quiz Games

Setting up a series of Quiz competitions and other games like Pictionary, Charades and Who am I are great party classics and excellent fun to play. Setting up multiple teams and creating a competition wherein they attempt to win the most rounds to receive first prize, is fantastic fun.

This works especially well if you have a wide range of ages in your guests. A lot of parties are either for kids or purely for adults, but having a party where your friend’s kids can take part can liven up the evening.


Having a dancing party is a classic that will get everyone on their toes. From ballroom dancing to the Macarena, dancing is fun for any and all ages. Organising a black light and glow in the dark paints can be an excellent addition to a dance party, but be sure to ask your guests to come in clothes they don’t mind getting paint on.

Freeze dance is a great activity to get a party started. The premise is simple, when the music is playing you continue to dance and when the music stops you freeze. The more elaborate your dance moves the more interesting the contortions people end up in.

afternoon tea.

Afternoon Tea

A fantastic way to celebrate occasions like Mother’s Day or a Wedding Anniversary, a proper afternoon tea is a more relaxed and refined way to celebrate. Perfect for clients which are more interested in a quiet celebration.

Afternoon tea is a British tradition that started with ladies coming together in the afternoon for tea and gossip. While the premise has evolved over time, the attraction of having a chat with friends over tea and cake is certainly a winning prospect.

Aqua Park

For a more adventurous activity, the Bewl Water Aqua Park is fun for all ages, with a giant inflatable obstacle course for you and your guests to enjoy.

Make sure that all the guests you invite on these kind of events are capable swimmers, while there will be lifeguards and safety flotation equipment, if one of your guests really can’t swim they may end up having to stay on dry land!

Brunch Party

Having a brunch party can create a fantastic atmosphere, with lovely breakfast foods like eggs benedict and pancakes for your guests to enjoy. This is a particularly good way of celebrating if any friends or relatives have young children they would like to bring that would not be able to stay up late in the evening.

The early timing of the party doesn’t mean you need to cut out the drinks though! A Bloody Mary or Mimosa are a great way to kick-start the day.

If you are considering throwing a party at One Warwick Park Hotel, then please contact us here. We would love to hear about your plans and ideas for your event and will do our best to make them a reality.

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