Sowing for the future


Contemporary artist MELANIE BERMAN embraces a certain amount of responsibility by cultivating the next generation of plant life via designing rich colourful paintings.

Where did you draw inspiration from, for the new collection?

The primary triggers for this collection came from watching the airborne dispersal of seeds, and blossom falling outside my studio window in the heart of the Sussex countryside. Within this, I was inspired by the links between nature, nurture, movement and the seasons.

I began to research the importance of biodiversity and the certain artistic links of poets and writers such as Woolf, Kipling and Sackville-West who homes and gardens are near me . As well as the huge range of seeds at Kew Gardens Seed Banks and Heritage Seed Library (HSL). They all became introspective to the research and granted me a utopian vision to relate to these areas and how it all relates and links to us.

What is the concept behind your new collection?

My paintings tell a story of the ‘blooms’ of nature, and ‘transformations’ of life. Protecting our seeds stretches across the world  but ultimately its roots are in our gardens. When the time is right seeds descend on a journey. They travel through the wind, passing through fields and gardens, to find somewhere to settle and start a new life.

In many ways, I see the correlation between nature and people. In an ever-busing world, we are traveling faster and further than ever to find safe havens and prosper. The consequences of this are the urbanisation of our countryside and the erosion of quiet and stillness within these environments. Of course there is still tranquility and stillness and yet it’s becoming so much harder to find in the world. Seeds only ‘wake up’ and germinate when all conditions are correct to begin a new life, I believe we are ‘waking up’. The theme raises questions about contemporary values and the need for the right environment to flourish.

How do you describe your style of work?

The new works are a contemporary blend of landscape, bold abstractions, and romantic symbolism. Colour and patterns are the foundation of my expression, and although environmental concerns are at the heart of my collection, I see art as a way to provide shelter from the disorienting modern world. As this collection tells the story life, and journey that comes with it, I believe that it is filled with serenity and delight. To inspire through colour, as Matisse and many other of the greats have done, would be a wonderful thing to achieve.

Do you have a favourite piece from your new collection?

They all have their own unique identity, which speak to me in different ways. For me, each painting tells an individual story which resonate with my own personal journeys and exploration for safe havens.

‘Beginning’ creates an illusion of seeds blowing in the wind, by incorporating vibrant shapes that dance across the canvas to bring a sense of harmony, before settling in new areas.

‘Bee Keeper’ a vibrant, pieces. It is filled with luscious color. This utopian landscape does have an undertone, but I’ll leave that for the viewer to decide. It was also highlight Saatchi Arts Front Page by their Chief Curator.

‘Love me, Love me not, Love me’ is a playful piece. As children, we often played this game to learn if someone loves you or not whilst taking petals off the flower. A nostalgic feel, entwined with the excitement to find true love.

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That’s it. I better put my overalls back on, my brushes await.

A range of prints will be available at One Warwick Park Hotel to order.

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