Why Is Corporate Team Building Important?

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With so many now working from home using digital platforms, corporate team building exercises where team members meet in person are now more important than ever. Many companies will now have employees and team members who very rarely visit the office or speak to their colleagues in person. While tools such as Zoom and Skype are filling these holes and improving communication, it is important for team members who work closely together in the same business to learn more about each other’s work speed, preferences for discussions and other details.

Here at One Warwick Park Hotel we regularly host corporate events such as meetings or team building events. Corporate team building and meetings can help a business progress when it comes to their productivity, and reach the next level. Our staff do their best to ensure that these events add value to everyone who participates.

Working well as a team requires that all the team members have a good idea of each other’s skills and what they are best at. Team building can help colleagues become more familiar with each other and boost productivity.

Encourage Communication

In order to complete projects and work together effectively as a whole, it is important for businesses, as well as employees, to have good communication skills. Organising different roles and what each person needs to complete daily is an important part of making progress as a team leader. While email, text messages and Zoom calls have made long distance communication easier than ever, this is always something that your business can improve.

Many team building exercises involve solving puzzles or riddles; other games such as orienteering or team games such as laser tag can build a sense of camaraderie and help your team members to brainstorm efficiently.

Here are some handy tips for creating a positive culture for communication in your company:

  • Having an open door policy for experienced employees and new hires alike will give members of your team a way to ask any questions they may have or to raise any issues. Team building can offer a fantastic way for those in leadership roles to encourage discussion and wider participation in the business.
  • Organising effective business meetings can be difficult when everyone is talking at cross purposes. Everyone has their own ideas or issues that they want to share, but this can quickly lead to the meeting going off topic. Setting up corporate team building exercises can teach you and your team tips for staying on target.
  • Setting up a group chat can allow everyone to swap ideas and discuss issues even while working from home. Team building can help everyone feel more comfortable asking questions or just conversing with other colleagues.
  • While working from home can make work far more flexible, it can make it difficult to create a sense of team spirit or even for employees to become invested in the business.

Boost Team Productivity

People who have participated in team exercises to promote team work and team spirit are far more likely to work well together and therefore boost your business’s productivity. Miscommunication and disagreements among colleagues can cause a lot of contention and end up affecting the quality of work produced by the team.

Team building can help highlight individual strengths and helps other team members find the right balance in their interpersonal relationships. Corporate team exercises, such as team sports games and other games where colleagues need to work together to succeed, can have a very positive impact on how the team as a functions as a whole. In many ways a team working together in a business is much like a sports team; each member has their own role to play in the team and needs to help support the other players.

Introduce New Employees

With Covid 19 forcing many companies to operate almost entirely online, it can be difficult to introduce new team members, whether through a corporate event or business meeting. Arranging a team building exercise can be a fantastic way to bring new employees into the fold and to help them to acclimatise to the new team they will be working with. Many companies will have specific ways of completing tasks or organising their work that have developed over years of trial and error and work very well for their business. However, if there is a very entrenched ‘culture’ in the workplace it can be difficult to adapt to the new workplace whether or not the ‘culture’ in question is a positive one.

No matter what the situation, changing your job can be a difficult proposition, and integrating with a new team with an already established dynamic can be hard, especially if they have all been working together for a long time. Organising a day for corporate team building or a party can help newcomers feel more comfortable in the workplace and help them find their stride earlier. Building good relationships with new colleagues can ensure that the workplace will be more harmonious, as they will have good relationships with their teammates from the start.

Teach New Skills

Whether it is through the team building exercises themselves or by learning from senior members of the business, corporate team building can offer a wonderful opportunity for junior members of the team to learn new skills and expand their repertoire. Corporate team building offers a relaxed environment for new hires to ask for advice or tutelage on various skills that could improve what they can achieve for the company and expand their skill set for their next job.

Often the skills that need to be taught or re-evaluated are associated with specific computer programs or processes that are required for the job. The computer software we use is constantly being altered and updated, and bringing in company employees to go through any changes can help ensure the transition is a smooth one.

At One Warwick Park Hotel we have function rooms and facilities that can be used to facilitate corporate events of varying sizes. If you are interested in One Warwick Park Hotel as a venue, then please contact us here.

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