21 Hotel Wedding Tips For 2021

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Planning your wedding is a very exciting period in your life, as you look forward to tying the knot with your special someone.

To help you organise your perfect wedding, here are a few hotel wedding tips for 2021:

1. Respect the Covid 19 restrictions

The lockdown has been hard – It’s been a long year for couples waiting to get married.

However, restrictions are in place for a reason. Many venues are now practiced at setting up smaller weddings. Asking your venue for the latest changes in lockdown wedding policy can help you plan.

Whether you invite five hundred guests to your wedding or five, what matters is that you create wonderful memories.

2. Do your research

Before you start booking venues and photographers, take some time to do your research. Think about weddings you have attended. What do you think has worked well for others and what would you rather not spend money on?

Considering these things before you start hunting can help you narrow down your search and focus on what is really essential.

3. What kind of ceremony do you want?

Do you want to have a civil ceremony or a religious wedding? If you are holding the wedding ceremony in a church or another place of worship, think about the distance you will travel to the hotel venue for the reception and how long it will take.

Hotels can hold the ceremony and reception in the same venue, making for a convenient wedding solution.

4. Venue

Choosing a venue to host your wedding is one of the most important decisions you will make. Professional hotel wedding venues will have experienced staff and brochures for you to peruse to help you decide on decorations and menu items.

At One Warwick Park Hotel we have a full staff of caterers as well as a dedicated wedding team to help with your wedding preparations. If you are looking for a venue for your wedding in 2021 contact us here.

5. Get a second opinion

Of course, as the wedding is your special day you have final say over any choices made, but asking friends who have just been married themselves, siblings or your parents for their opinions on how the wedding should be organised, can give you lots of good ideas and highlight ideas that might not work.

Wedding planning can be stressful – there’s no shame in asking for help if you need it.

6. Set a budget and stick to it

When you start planning your wedding, it can be so easy to go over your budget. From unseen expenses such as shoes or an open bar, managing to keep on budget can be hard work.

Buying a couture wedding dress that you love or breaking the bank for a more elaborate floral arrangement at the venue can be really tempting, but spending too much can mean less money for your honeymoon or new house as a married couple. Stay sensible and look for ways to sensibly manage your spending.

7. Choose a dress you can walk in

A gorgeous gown with a long train and veil, as well as kitten heels probably looked fantastic in the shop. Falling over or stumbling your way down the aisle is a lot less elegant. Practicing walking in your dress before the big day to cut down on accidents is a good way to spend time with your bridesmaids – but make sure not to stain it!

8. Use the venues’ preferred suppliers

Venues with a dedicated wedding team will often have a list of suppliers such as photographers or DJ’s that they can recommend to you. This can cut down on the time you spend hunting and can ensure you get professional suppliers that will do a great job and importantly will likely know the wedding venue inside out.

9. Involve the family

Planning a wedding can be tough for you, having your parents and siblings there to help is a great way to divide the labour. Your family will all be interested in your wedding – involving them in the planning and decision making can be a great way to bond.

10. Be open to new ideas

Most people have a vision of how their wedding will go and what it will look like long before they start planning. Having definite tastes isn’t a bad thing, but when you are planning try to be open minded. You never know when a new idea will turn your head!

11. Cut down your guest list

Cutting down the number of guests you invite is a huge money saver. When planning a wedding the more guests you invite, the more money you need to spend. Going over your guest list with a red pen can seem harsh, but it may be necessary.

12. Keep the ceremony brief

Most people advise the bride and groom to keep the ceremony short and sweet before letting the guests loose on the buffet tables. There is only so long people can sit still and watch quietly (especially if there are children attending).

13. Make a meal plan

Most wedding receptions serve a three course evening meal followed by drinks, but there are other options. Having a morning wedding and serving brunch at the reception is an original way to mix things up.

14. Put a time allowance on speeches

There may be quite a few relatives and friends who would like to give a speech. Making sure all of the speeches fit into a half hour slot provides enough time so that no one feels slighted and is short enough to ensure that your guests’ attention doesn’t wander.

15. Ask for song requests

This gets guests involved and out on the dance floor. Having a mix up of songs is interesting, it keeps the mood going and creates a fun ambiance.

16. Adults only or kid friendly

Not allowing guests to bring their children can ruffle feathers, but a crying baby during the ceremony can ruin the atmosphere. Choose early on whether or not to have children at your wedding so guests can find babysitters or make travel arrangements.

17. Accommodation

If you are having a hotel wedding there may be accommodation available, but if you have a lot of guests you may need to look for alternative arrangements for the night.

18. Catering

Most wedding venues will have dedicated staff that are able to whip up an amazing wedding feast, relying on their expertise can take a weight of your shoulders. If in doubt about your menu, arrange a tasting so you can try each dish.

19. Wedding cake

Traditional wedding cakes are beautiful, but many couples are looking for low cost alternatives. From elaborately arranged cupcakes to single serve mini wedding cakes or even brownies. With fewer guests due to Covid 19 restrictions, this helps in creating more manageable portions.

20. Choose to be simple

The more classic meals and decorations often work best for weddings, making things too complicated can make things difficult for you to balance. An elaborate series of Italian antipasti dishes may sound fabulous, but could be hard to manage on the day and not to everyone’s tastes!

21. Treat bags

Creating little party favours for your guests, with a slice of wedding cake and a few wedding mementos is a lovely way to end your event with a smile.

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