Best Romantic Foods for Valentine’s Day


Best Romantic Foods for Valentine’s Day

It’s coming round to the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re loved up, celebrating self-love or maybe out with the girls for galentines, there is always an excuse to treat yourself and indulge in some delicious, romantic foods.

Two Steaks in the shape of hearts

What’s more romantic than a juicy fillet steak and a smooth glass of wine? STEAK Tunbridge Wells offers the most romantic dining experience paired with the best quality food to make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable. There is always a reason to treat yourself and Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to do so. You can come along for a solo dining experience, a galentines catch-up or an intimate date, we will cater for all.

When we think of romantic foods what’s the first thing that comes to mind. For me it’s spaghetti Bolognese, I instantly think of the scene from Lady and the Tramp, with the romantic music and the two puppy eyes gazing at each other, the contrast between Lady and Tramp is perfect. Not only do I think of Lady and the Tramp, but I also think back to where Spaghetti comes from, Italy is one of the most romantic countries you can venture to and of course they offer the most romantic experiences, however, I don’t expect you to jump on a plane for Valentine’s dinner so why not try your hand at making a delicious traditional spaghetti Bolognese yourself.

It’s clear that a lot of countries and cities resonate with being romantic. Paris screams romance, The Eiffel Tower glowing at night, the beautiful flowing river Seine all feels your heart with romance, and of course, French foods always resemble love and romance. There is nothing more intimate when dining than a gorgeous fondue to share (or have by yourself) whilst looking into each other’s eyes as you dine on foods smothered in melted cheese, sounds like heaven to me. Frances’s list of romantic foods doesn’t end there, some of the most loving dishes originate from France. A cheeseboard for example with a rich glass of red ends a meal perfectly and what makes it so romantic is, like many other French dishes, you can share with a loved one or best friend or maybe even just enjoy the whole thing to yourself after all self-love is just as important.

Champagne being served into a glass

Perhaps you’re not a big savoury person and to you, all you can think of whilst dining is the delicious dessert waiting for you at the end of the meal. STEAK Tunbridge wells take pride in their Eskimo Bars as the ideal end of meal dessert, especially for sharing. A rich gooey chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream drowned in chocolate and showered in hot caramel sauce. If that doesn’t have you salivating and eager to book a table this Valentine’s Day in STEAK, I don’t know what will. If you’re not much of a brownie fan we have a list of gorgeous desserts to dive into. Zingy lemon curd tart may be more up your street or does our profiteroles tingle your taste buds, STEAK has plenty to choose from the make the perfect end to your romantic meal.

Now, let’s talk science! Romantic foods have science behind them, we’ve all heard of aphrodisiac but there is a lot more to it than you think. The term aphrodisiac comes from the Greek goddess of love, thousands of years ago people would use these foods rumoured by the Greek goddess of love to help with fertility and starting families. Things like oysters seem odd as a romantic appetizer but, according to the science behind it the amino acids help promote testosterone and give you the heightened feeling of love. Pomegranate is also a very popular aphrodisiac, and this is because in Greek mythology Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love) was the first to plant a pomegranate tree. From that moment it was rumoured that pomegranates symbolised fertility and abundance; some people have suggested that the forbidden fruit in the bible was a pomegranate. However, it is possible that these suggested aphrodisiacs are victims of the placebo effect, why not try them this valentine’s day and find out for yourself.

Who’s to say a takeaway with the girls can’t give a gentle nod to Valentine’s Day, right? Maybe this Valentine’s Day you are fed up of traditions and simply want a night in with the girls having some cocktails and giggling about all the dates you’ve had in the past that have not worked out. If that’s more your thing go for it, Valentine’s Day isn’t always about couples gazing aimlessly into their lovers’ eyes sometimes it is about celebrating loving our gal pals and even yourself. Valentines’ Day is about love, all love, friends love, self-love and even love for your family are all good reasons to eat your favourite foods and drink your favourite drinks (alcoholic or not) there are no rules.

Three people making a toast with champagne glasses

This loving season it’s important to remember that even if you are riding solo this Valentine’s Day you deserve to have a great time. Why not take yourself on a date there are a lot of studies that show taking yourself out is not only liberating but helpful for learning to be more independent. Taking yourself for a meal or even a simple coffee gives you a sense of freedom and shows you that sometimes your own company is just as fulfilling as someone else joining you. A lot of the time your friends or loved ones may not be free to join you and that shouldn’t stop you from going out, as a society we have all become guilty of feeling embarrassed when dining alone and this is simply because it became normal to dine with someone and then almost not normal to dine alone. More and more people are breaking that stigma and realising they actually enjoy their own company and prefer to have a day a week where they get to enjoy that.

Whether you are dining with a loved one, drinking with the girls, relaxing at home, or taking yourself on a date it’s important to remember that Valentine’s Day is about love, all love no matter what kind of love you’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day we hope you have the most magical time.

By Jess Porter

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