Best Themes For a Fantastic Hen Party

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A hen party is a bonding moment for the bride and her bridesmaids. Traditionally organised by the maid of honour, it is the final party together as friends before the bride formally leaves their single life behind them and settles down with their significant other. What the hen party entails depends on the budget available for the hen party, whether the bride and bridesmaids are interested in an international hen do, as well as the personal preferences of the bride and hens.

Most importantly, when organising a hen party talk to the bride and take her thoughts on her hen party into account. Ask the bride she enjoy a bar crawl a few days before the ceremony or a quiet weekend at a spa with all of the girls? A hen party is all about having fun, regardless of how you do it.

A Boozy Night Out

While some Brides will be looking to relax and detox before the big wedding day, others want to have a party! Having a cocktail making masterclass is a fun and interactive way for you to kick off the evening. From a whiskey sour to expresso martinis, there are a wide range of cocktail types for you to learn. Classes like these are a fabulous way to break the ice with bridesmaids that maybe don’t know each other very well.

If your bride is interested in food, a cheese and wine tasting might be a good way to include everyone. Picking out a couple of bottles to bring home with you after the party will certainly put everyone in a good mood. If one of your hens doesn’t drink, there is no need for them to be left out, there are a wide range of non-alcoholic spirits and mocktails you can include for them to try!

If you are interested in a cocktail making hen party contact us at One Warwick Park Hotel to discuss the options we have for you.

Outdoor activities

Activities like laser tag are a fun way for more adventurous hens to enjoy the bride’s ‘last day as a Miss’. More athletic group activities like water sports or canoeing are a fantastic ice breaker.

Other outdoors fun, such as having a treasure hunt for the bride and bridesmaids is a great way to spice up the evening. Having a prize at the end (a bottle of champagne for example) will make everyone happy.

Costume themes

From matching tutus to dressing as Viking warriors, there are enough hen party costume themes to create a whole new list! Costumes for hen parties are a great way to make sure everyone stays together and no one is lost in the crowd, especially if your hen party is taking place in an unfamiliar area.

Costumes are a fantastic way to give the proceedings an extra bit of fun. Themes from famous movie femme fatales to neon fairy glitter party can inject the right amount of irreverence into the proceedings. The wedding may be a white tie affair, but the hen party certainly doesn’t have to be.

Chocolate making

Having a chocolate making class is a great way to kick off a hen party. This is a great daytime activity that will fill an afternoon with delicious smells and probably ruin a couple of diet plans. It is a relaxed and engaging activity that will help everyone get to know each other before they head out in the evening for some drinks.

If your bride or one of your hens isn’t fond of chocolate or has a particular favourite food, working together to create a dinner centred around that specific food is another great way for your hens to spend the day. Having a cupcake decorating competition with the winner receiving a prize is another fantastic variation on the theme.

Games night

Nothing beats a good old fashioned sleep over. Breaking open a bottle of prosecco and some snacks while having a relaxing evening watching films and playing card games is an excellent way to purge the stress of organising your wedding.

There are hundreds of ways to celebrate your hen night with fun activities, games like articulate, Pictionary, never have I ever and quizzes are a more relaxed way to celebrate the brides upcoming wedding.

Spa Party

While not as wild as a traditional hen party, there is something wonderful about being pampered. Everybody going out together for a mix of massage, facials, manicures and pedicures is a very relaxed way for the bride and the hens to get ready for the wedding day.

The stress of organising a wedding can be hard for a bride as well as her bridesmaids to deal with. Booking a spa hotel for a weekend to spend time together in, or even just performing home treatments as a group, will be guaranteed to make you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Pub or bar crawl

Going from place to place around a town or city is an excellent way to enjoy an evening. Many towns and cities have guided pub and bar tours with a local expert to take your hen party to see the major sight of the area. Even in smaller towns like Tunbridge Wells, booking tables at pubs and bars ahead of time and organising where in the town you will be visiting will help keep everyone on track.

Wearing identifiable costumes is a great way to ensure everyone sticks together. Having a local landmark as a meeting point, such as a certain shop, will ensure everyone can find each other again even if a hen is lost!

If you are planning a hen party and are interested in One Warwick Park Hotel as a venue, please contact us here. We would love to hear from you.

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