Behind the scenes: Born at Dawn Fashion Shoot

The idea behind ‘Born at Dawn’ is linked with the versatility of key fashion pieces, to enable you to wear them multiple times in different ways. Whilst many mass online retailers are trying to target huge audiences, at times it can be difficult to find what you are really after. Scrolling through thousands of items to find the one that is suited for you, can be tiring and demotivating, after a while they all begin to look the same, and voila…the fun of shopping has diminished.


With everyone purchasing from the same sites, the avoided  ‘same outfit as a fellow guest occasion’, can happen, losing all sense of individual style. Trends today, as a result of social media can be short lived, as soon everyone has purchased the same pieces they can be quickly exhausted and soon become ‘last season’.

Fashion trends targeted at the masses don’t always suit your individual style, desires and comfort. Investing is some key, statement pieces which can be dressed up or down and offer more versatility  is what we love about this brand. Establishing what suits you is the first step  then composing your wardrobe follows around this, investing in key pieces to last trend after trend.

Born at Dawn are ahead of the fashion scene, and even offer a bespoke service meaning they come to you with their collection, with personal stylist advice and guidance and a glass of prosecco in hand, how shopping should be done! For more information, see here. 

We loved seeing these beautiful pieces showcased at our venue, and cannot wait to see many more...