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Spending a long weekend on holiday can be a fantastic break from the stress of everyday life. Bank holidays give us a day off from work that isn’t connected to annual leave and that you can enjoy as you please. Taking an occasional holiday or staycation is necessary for your wellbeing – time off from work can help us destress and decompress, as well as giving us an opportunity to explore new places. Booking a staycation, whether you stay close to home or head further afield to enjoy your time off, can be a great opportunity to visit friends and family or simply unwind.

Here at One Warwick Park Hotel we offer a range of catered and self-catered bedrooms that are decorated and arranged to suit our guests’ needs. Situated in Tunbridge Wells in the heart of Kent, our hotel is a perfect option for a long weekend holiday arranged for your bank holiday weekend. Our hotel is a short walk away from the Tunbridge Wells train station which offers a direct train link into London, as well as the taxi ranks which are set up next to the station for if you are planning a more local trip. Kent is a wonderful area to explore, with countless areas of natural beauty and a range of historic sites to visit during your stay.

What Is A Bank Holiday?

A bank holiday is a national public holiday held under royal orders or by law. In England there are generally eight bank holidays, while in Scotland there are nine and in Northern Ireland ten. Initially bank holidays only extended to those working in banks or the financial sector, but gradually the idea of holidays from work for events such as Christmas, Easter celebrations, or events such as the Platinum Jubilee, became increasingly popular. Some will, however, continue working through bank holidays (particularly essential staff such as nurses, train conductors or police officers).

Most bank holidays take place on festival days or celebrations that families will want to spend together while taking time off work. Other bank holidays were put into place on the last Monday in August or early in May, and are very popular times for staycations and other events to take place.

Make The Most Of Your Time

A bank holiday gives you an extra day in the week to take some time to yourself to enjoy. In order to make the most of your bank holiday, arranging an activity to enjoy with your family, a dinner out together or even a staycation, can be great to invest your time in. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your bank holiday weekend:

  • Book extra days off around a bank holiday weekend to extend your holiday time and make the most of your day off. Taking regular beaks from work to spend time with your family is crucial to increasing your productivity and your wellbeing. Taking a week off including a bank holiday can give you a fantastic opportunity to go on staycation while using up the least possible amount of your holiday allowance.
  • Plan ahead and arrange activities for each day – in order to maximise the amount you can do in the time you have available, booking in activities and a plan for each day can help you ensure your holiday is stress free (even if your plans only include a leisurely walk and dinner at the hotel restaurant).
  • A bank holiday weekend can give you a fantastic opportunity to meet with friends and family who live a distance away. Spending time with your loved ones has become increasingly difficult due to the pandemic, as well as the constraints of work. Taking the opportunity that a bank holiday weekend affords you to visit your family is a great way to make the most of your time.
  • Ask a local to let you know what they recommend, whether where to find a great local pub for an evening meal or a walk that has stunning views. Often when you visit a new place it can be difficult to find all of the gems hidden in the area. Asking people at your hotel or restaurant what they have enjoyed themselves can bring you a lovely surprise.
  • In order to truly relax and unplug, make sure to take some time to yourself during your break. While having a full schedule can be a great way to pack in plenty of adventures on your break, make sure to spend at least one day just relaxing. Spending some time unwinding with a midday nap or booking a massage can give you an immediate sense of relaxation.

Why A Staycation?

Arranging a holiday abroad can be very stressful. If you only have a short amount of time available to spend abroad, the amount of travel time needed can be prohibitive, unless you are visiting somewhere specific, such as a family member’s home. Planning a staycation, however, can give you the sense of relaxation and holiday fun, without the travel costs or the stress of airplane travel.

Staycations are often booked a fairly short distance from home, which maximises the amount of time you have available to enjoy your bank holiday weekend. Take your time exploring what the area has to offer, from gorgeous hiking trails to historic estates and castles to visit. Despite the fact that we often don’t look too deeply into what is available nearby, you can find plenty of wonderful spots to explore with only a little searching at a Tourist Information Centre, or online.

If you are planning a hotel getaway for your bank holiday, then please contact us here at One Warwick Park Hotel. Our staff will be delighted to discuss the accommodation options available for you to use. If you are planning a meal out to celebrate, then you can book a table at our incredible sister restaurant STEAK.

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