How do I do Veganuary?

January is the start of a fresh year, to put old habits to bed and create healthy, new ones. Many people use the first month of the year as a health kick after a month of stuffing yourselves full of mince pies, chocolate, and turkey. We are here to give you more insight into what is Veganuary and how to explore varied eating options.

For those who love meat, you probably have already lost interest! But, let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be reading this blog if you weren’t intrigued. That being said, we promise by the end, we just might sway you to dip your toe into the world of Veganism…


But what is Veganism?

Veganism is simply “the practice of eating only food not derived from animals and typically avoiding the use of other animal products.”

It has become a larger topic of conversation and easier to switch to. From vegan products to vegan menus, restaurants and supermarkets have also jumped on this new lifestyle.

So, if you have been toying with the idea of becoming vegan, Veganuary is the month to start. Launched in 2014, Veganuary has grown all over the world like no other diet, nearly 6.3 million people signed up to take part in Veganuary 2022, so, swapping meat for veg has proven extremely popular.

Whether you are doing it for the animals, environment, or your own health, these are all great reasons to take part.

Over half of those who signed up in 2022 maintained a vegan diet in January and 98% would recommend to a friend, so we believe you can do it too!

Start slow

One of the biggest pieces of advice around is ‘start slow’. Don’t rush into becoming a vegan expert, take it at your own pace and remember it is ok to take a step back a re-look at your diet when needed.

Perhaps, start your journey with a friend, family member or even colleague. This will act as a support system, a task you are both taking on and experiencing together, this way you know what each other are going through or feeling. The ability to connect to someone when you need support is important and having someone to go to when you may need a little nudge can be extremely motivating.

Whether you take Veganuary to start actioning your new exploration of veganism or to start planning and researching, this is the month to start!



It is important to take some time aside to focus on yourself and your new dietary journey. Research is key and finding out the nutritional benefits of veganism can be another motivation to stick to your new diet. For example eating vegan can have a lot of benefits such as boosting your mood, feeding your body nutrients it needs like more fibre, vitamins A, C and E, consuming more antitoxins, potassium and more!

Becoming vegan can also benefit your physical appearance too! Whether you are looking to lose weight or have glowy skin, a balanced vegan diet can be fantastic in achieving this.

Invest in a dietary planner which will help you keep on track and plan meals each week too. This will give you something to stick to and know what food to stock up on, after all who wants empty cupboards when you’re hungry?

Quick tip! Use a magnetic calendar to stick on your fridge, this is a place where you will be able to clearly see your food schedule and may even stop you sneaking that cheeky sausage roll when you are hungry.

How to begin

Making smart swaps is an excellent way to begin your journey into veganism. For example, swapping cow’s milk for oat, coconut or soya milk or perhaps replacing your usual protein source with beans and pulses. The little changes will make all the difference in the future, trust us! And remember not everything has to be fresh, frozen fruits and vegetables are just as perfect.

From those little daily swaps, you could begin to entwine vegan food into your daily meals. For example, start with a vegan breakfast in the first week, then progress to a vegan lunch as well in the second week and so on, to start your journey into becoming a vegan.


How to stick to it

It is totally ok to have a blip in your vegan journey, particularly if you start to experience health implications such as low mood and fatigue. But don’t forget this is a new experience.

If you are struggling, choose a meal that is your all-time favourite comfort food. When you are feeling negative about being vegan, go back to that food. There are countless number of recipes and inspiration to cook delicious, flavoursome vegan food that you are sure to find something that works for you.

Remember why you want to be vegan. If the reason is it’s something you simply want to try, that is fine too. Veganuary gives you the option to try something new for a whole month. A month is a good amount of time to test something out and if after a month it is not for you then that is also fine.

Whether you want to eat healthier, protect animals or have a personal reason every reason is valid and significant so go back to the start, remember your motivations and try, try and try again.

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