Icebreakers for your meetings


Yes it can be awkward meeting new people but it can be even more awkward having to answer icebreakers that make you cringe or you just simply do not have an answer to… the ‘describe yourself in three words’ is a classic and the average person’s nightmare, how can you modest and interesting at the same time?!

Below we have collated some interesting and less fear inducing icebreakers.

  1. Skill Improvement

Sometimes it easier to highlight what you are not so good at rather than what you are. Encouraging your colleagues to name work related-skills they’d like to improve on is a good way to get the conversation flowing as others can understand their interests or offer their own expertise where applicable.

  1. What was your first car?

Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia and usually the stories surrounding peoples’ first car have a funny story behind them. Did they keep the bumper on with duct tape, use nail polish to cover up the scratches? If they didn’t have a first car, it is likely they’ll have a couple stories about their friends’ first cars.

  1. What is your favourite year?

Asking your colleagues to reminisce on their favourite year allows everyone to get to know each other better but also improve the mood. What a great way to start a meeting or conference, in a happy mood!

  1. Expectations for the meeting.

Moving towards the more professional icebreakers is asking all members to voice their expectations and desired outcomes of the meeting. This encourages participation and involvement resulting in a useful and effective meeting.

  1. Be honest.

Begin a discussion with an understanding on where everyone is on the topic at hand. Who’s an expert, who has some basic knowledge, who is new?

Now you’re all set, book one of conference rooms for your next meeting at One Warwick Park.


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