Our top picks: classic cocktails


From Friday night to Sunday brunch, whatever the occasion, there is a cocktail for it! However, there are some that have defended their places on cocktail menus around the world and have earned their titles as true classics.


The history of the Mojito is an ambiguous one but it is certain that Havana, Cuba, was the birthplace of this refreshing infusion.

The oldest claim dates back to the 1500s when a concoction of rum, mint leaves and the juices from sugarcane and limes was used to remedy scurvy among the crew of Sir Francis Drake’s ship after they landed on the Caribbean Island. This creation was, not so modestly, named ‘El Draque’.

Its contemporary name is thought to come from the word ‘mojo’, meaning to cast a spell, which some may argue to be highly appropriate!

Whatever its humble beginnings, the Mojito is one of the most distinctive cocktails and has certainly worked hard to attain its classic status.


Simple, elegant and fruity! The story of the Bellini takes us back to Venice, Italy, in the 1940s. Created by Giuseppe Cipriani, the founder of the famous Harry’s Bar, Venice, the Bellini has since become a classic and a go-to summer aperitif.

Cipriani’s sun-set like creation was inspired by 15th century venetian painter, Giovanni Bellini and the pink glow in one of his paintings; the Bellini cocktail is Venetian through and through!

Whilst traditionally a Champagne Cocktail of Prosecco and Peach Puree, and therefore a top choice for a summer tipple, the peach can be substituted by another fruit to add a seasonal twist to this sparkling favourite.


It is a classic, a favourite and a saviour! A smooth blend of Vodka, espresso and coffee liqueur, this cocktail hit the scene in Soho, London in the ‘80s. This classic is accredited to Dick Bradsell, and the story goes that a, now apparently world famous, young model crassly requested a beverage that ‘wakes me up, and then (insert expletive here!) me up’, thus the feisty classic was born.

The go-to when you need a bit of a kick-start to your evening or fancy a more indulgent post-dinner coffee or digestif, the Espresso Martini is now a world-wide legend and a favourite of many.
espresso martini


Again, we have ‘The Cocktail King’ Dick Bradsell to thank for this modern classic. A simple blend of Gin, lemon juice and Crème de Mûre, this medley was supposedly one of Bradsell’s favorites.

Its name is thought to come from the ‘bramble’ effect of the blackberry liqueur as it trickles down the glass through the cocktail, and also pays homage to the bramble bush. Simple and well balanced, this fruity cocktail has become a staple on many a menu in the cocktail world and is a true class act.

Mixology is now often considered an art or a science, bringing us wonderful and exotic new creations which excite and tantalise. However, it is the classics that have held their own and are now more popular than ever and are in no way old fashioned (pun intended).

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