Planning A Christmas Party

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Everybody loves a Christmas party, the delicious food, the music and the festive atmosphere. Many of us will have dozens of Christmas parties booked throughout the season to meet up with friends and colleges. Parties thrown around this time of year are a fantastic way to connect with family and friends.

Doing most of the planning well ahead of time can lighten the stress of organising your Christmas party and ensure you have your venue booked ahead of time. Here at One Warwick Park Hotel we are offering a wide range of deals for Christmas parties. Our Christmas deals offer clients different options for a range of occasions, from company parties to a small family get together. To learn more, please have a look through our “What’s On” page.

Set a budget

When planning any event, one of your first considerations should be setting a realistic budget for the party. Are you planning on organising a large party for your colleagues that will require you to book a function room or a small and intimate family gathering? Deciding on a budget before you begin to search for venues can help you narrow down what you are looking for and what the venue will need to provide.

The potential costs involved will be different depending on the scale and can vary due to variations, such as whether you are providing an open bar or a bottle of wine per table and the number of guests you will be inviting. With the pandemic still ongoing and many potential issues still unknown, many are choosing to err on the side of caution with the budget of any Christmas plans.

Create a guest list

Creating a guest list can be difficult as you do not want to exclude anyone, but may have budget or space related restrictions on how many people you will be able to invite to celebrate with you. Deciding on what kind of celebration you are going to throw can be a key way to cut down the list. If you are serving only drinks and nibbles you can likely invite a lot more people. However, if you are serving a full meal for your guests a smaller guest list would be a good way to ensure lower costs.

When organising the guest list, it is important to set hard rules for who you will be inviting to your event. If you are preparing a party under the assumption that your guests will bring a plus one or their children, let your guests know in the invitation. On the other hand, if you would rather they didn’t bring anyone else with them then communicate this information to the guests as soon as possible so they can arrange for a baby sitter for example.

Select a venue

There are multiple variables to consider when selecting a venue. Many popular venues that are often booked for weddings or other events will have staff, chefs and potentially the decorations for a Christmas party already in stock. Here are some things to consider seriously before selecting your venue:

  • Cost – No matter how beautiful a venue is, if it doesn’t fit your budget it is better to consider other options nearer your price range. Keep in mind hidden costs such as taxis for guests, food and decorations for the venue that may need to be bought as well.
  • Flexibility – Decide if you are willing to select a venue with a pre-set menu and decorations or if you are looking for something more bespoke. A party that utilises the hotels usual formula in regards to the staff and menu can be far less stressful for the organiser.
  • Location – Make sure that your venue is in a location that your guests will be able to find and reach fairly easily. If the venue is too out of the way it may not be the best idea as you may need to travel back and forth in order to make your arrangements.
  • Transport – If you are serving alcohol and many of your guests have to travel to get back home it makes sense to consider which options they have for travel including trains and buses as well as the nomination of a designated driver.
  • Accommodation – If your guests are travelling a considerable distance to attend your event, making sure that there are rooms available in your venue for booking or nearby will help ensure the night is stress free.
  • Internet connection – Will you be using an internet connection to play music or to share photos with guests. Checking whether there is an onsite Wi-Fi connection or equipment for playing music is an important consideration for you before you book your venue.

Choose a Date

Selecting a date is important to arrange quickly with your venue, as many dates (especially on weekends) will be booked very quickly. Competition for space at venues for events set on dates close to holidays such as Christmas or the New Year can become difficult to navigate if you leave it too late.

As soon as you have your venue booked, make sure to send an invite to your guests. Sending invitations out at least two months before the party is booked will be enough time that all your guests will be able to make arrangements to be able to attend. Setting up a group chat to discuss accommodation or transportation issues can be a great way to ensure every guest has their necessary arrangements planned before the party.

Plan your menu

Most venues will have a pre decided Christmas menu with a variety of dishes to choose from. If you are using a new venue that you haven’t visited before to host an extensive event, then deciding to ask for a tasting to try the dishes before the party can help you plan the menu. If there are any guests with specific dietary requirements such as a nut allergy or a vegan diet, then let the venue know before you book so that you can be certain that these arrangements can be made to ensure your party goes as planned.

If you are interested in booking One Warwick Park Hotel as a venue for a Christmas party, then please contact us here. Our staff will be happy to go through your options for the party and discuss any specific requirements you may have (such as vegan menu items) that will make your Christmas party one to remember.

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