Reasons to book your Christmas party in August


Although we are all enjoying the weather and thoughts of Christmas 2018 and wintery clothes are nowhere to be found, August is prime time for companies to start planning their festivities. Unconvinced? Below are our reasons to begin the preparations for your work’s Christmas party.

  1. Choice

With numerous aspects to consider, organising work related get-togethers can be a struggle at the best of times. A venue has to be able to hold the right capacity, be situated in the right location, have ample facilities and all the while be within budget. During and leading up to the Christmas period, choice significantly decreases and these factors become even harder to cater to. Booking your venue early helps to eradicate these possible issues.

  1. Better turn out

December is arguable one of the busiest times of year, your colleagues’ diaries start to fill from early October and time soon becomes precious. Securing a date early gives your co-workers plenty of warning and therefore ensures their availability. Plus more people means a better party!

  1. Pre party excitement

Confirming a date for the Christmas party can create a buzz around the office. Lift your offices’ spirits and give them a date to look forward to.

  1. Less stress!

If you are the one tasked with planning the Christmas party then there’s less stress for you. As December draws closer, your To Do list will naturally fill with personal and work commitments, one less task on the list will be a relief. An early booked venue also means more time to plan the entertainment and decorative details of the Christmas party.

At One Warwick Park Hotel our Function Room is already in high demand for work Christmas parties. Secure your date with us and ensure your team doesn’t miss out, call us on 01892 240615 to discuss your requirements.

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