The benefits of face to face meetings

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Whilst it may be an obvious one, by meeting face to face it allows for you to engage on a higher level with your recipient, to a greater level than you can from email,video or phone conferencing. Body language is heightened and easier to read and will allow you to guide the flow of your meeting accordingly.

For sales meetings, where you need to be persuasive, then face to face meetings will work much more effectively, as it is easier for individuals to decline offers, proposals etc. via telephone or email, as your presence is not as dominant. Alongside this, on occasion, emails and texts can be misconstrued due to the way they are written not being the way they are interpreted, this is an issue which can be easily avoided through face to face meetings as the tone of your voice and body language would help you to convey a clear message to your recipient.

To make sure the message you are communicating to the receiver is clear, then holding a face to face meeting means that the level of focus is higher. The party you are communicating to is more likely to focus on the subject in hand then be distracted by surrounding activity.

Whilst it is essential to embrace the movements in today’s technology, there is no denying that the benefits outlined for face-to face meetings, mean that they remain paramount in today’s business operations.

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