Top tips for planning your hotel wedding


Are you thinking about a hotel wedding in Kent? If so, you must know how to plan your big day, ensuring everything runs as smoothly as can be. Don’t worry, it’s not as challenging as it seems! Here are a few of the main considerations to think about when planning your hotel wedding:

Find a suitable location

Obviously, you need to find a hotel in a good location. Some hotels may look nice, but they’re awkwardly situated, making it hard for guests to get there. You need a hotel with excellent transport links – as well as fantastic views to provide a brilliant backdrop for wedding photos. Our hotel in Kent is perfect as it’s close to nearby railway stations, has easy access from roads, and with the picturesque and historic Pantiles nearby, provides a stunning backdrop for photos!

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Consider the size of the hotel

Think about how many people will attend your wedding, then consider how big of a location you must find for the reception. When you have a hotel wedding, you tend to set everything up in a special event room. Firstly, be sure the hotel in question has the facilities to host your wedding! If so, check the size of the space to be sure it will fit all of your guests. For context, One Warwick Park Hotel has a 142sqm space, which can accommodate up to 120 seated guests – or 180 for an evening reception. This gives you some idea as to how big the space should be for your hotel wedding.

Think about booking rooms

A very popular idea is to book rooms in the hotel for the wedding night. The bride and groom get a fancy suite to themselves, but other guests have the option to book as well. It’s always worth checking with the hotel that there are rooms available on your desired wedding day. Then, ask guests if anyone needs/wants to book a room, get the numbers in, and place a booking. If the hotel doesn’t have rooms available, it can cause issues for out-of-town guests as they might have to leave early to get home, and staying in the hotel removes the need for a designated driver!

Enquire about wedding suppliers

Naturally, you need different wedding suppliers on your wedding day. Mainly, this relates to caterers and food. Check that the hotel offers this as part of the wedding service. Our hotel in Kent does just that – you can enjoy food served by a dedicated team of onsite caterers. If you’d rather bring your own vendors, double-check that the hotel allows it. Also, with other aspect such as the evening entertainment, be sure that the hotel has the facilities to host them. For example, do they have enough electrical outputs in the event space for a DJ to set everything up?

Keep all of this in mind when planning your hotel wedding. If you’re interested in a beautiful hotel wedding in Kent, One Warwick Park Hotel has everything you need. As well as a spacious event area and onsite catering, you benefit from a wedding and events host. This means everything is taken care of and planned for you, so you can relax and just enjoy your big day. Feel free to contact us to learn more!

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