Up close and personal: One Warwick Park’s cocktail mixologist

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Sunshine is on its way, Jazz on The Pantiles has arrived for the summer, which comes hand in hand with the rise in popularity for refreshing cocktails and spritzers in the sun. What better time to get up close and personal with our very own Cocktail Mixologist, Anna Ramskill.


Have you ever had any strange requests? My strangest request has probably been a rum and milk.

What’s your favourite cocktail off the One Warwick Park menu and why? My favourite cocktail would definitely be the Lemon Tree as it is one of the first cocktails that I learnt how to make and I love passion fruit. 

Do you have any behind the bar tips? When you’re making any cocktail, make sure you add the ice last. If you put the ice in first each ingredient you add will make the ice melt and dilute your drink. 

How did you choose the cocktails for the cocktail menu? We wanted to link the cocktails to the upcoming seasons, so make them more fruity and tropical for spring and summer. 

Do you prefer a classic cocktail or something you haven’t tried before? I feel that anyone can make a classic cocktail so I like to choose something I haven’t tried or heard of before. 

What’s OWP most popular drink? Definitely the Key Lime Pie Martini. Customers always come in and ask us for our famous key lime pie cocktail.

Have you ever had any drink disasters? Yes, sometimes when you are shaking a cocktail the shaker comes undone and you can get soaked.

What’s your tipple of choice?  Gin & Tonic 100%. Gin is becoming so versatile now, so you can always get something different. 

Where did you get most of your experience from? I learnt how to bartend in Australia. It started in a tavern learning how to pour a beer then I moved to a cocktail bar where I was trained by an experienced cocktail bartender.  


Why not head over and try the famous ‘Key Lime Pie Martini’ or Anna’s favourite ‘Lemon Tree’ for yourself, we have happy hour Monday- Thursday from 5-7pm.


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