Hen Party Ideas For A Summer Wedding


Hen parties are a fantastic tradition, where the bride and her friends – and occasionally family –  get together to celebrate the Bride’s upcoming nuptials. Their partner will generally plan a party at the same time. Summer offers a great opportunity for a fantastic hen party, as the warmer weather makes bar crawls (particularly when walking from venue to venue) or other outdoor activities easier and much more fun.

When planning a hen party there are numerous considerations to take into account, such as your budget, whether you are planning a weekend of festivities or an evening, along with who will be coming to the event. For instance, if the bride and a lot of the hens attending don’t drink alcohol, then an afternoon tea would be a better activity to have booked than a pub crawl. If you are looking for ideas that will be perfect for a hen party at a Tunbridge Wells wedding venue, then here are a few to consider.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a fantastic British tradition, with a range of beautiful summer desserts, sandwiches and scones set out for you and your guests to enjoy. Served with a choice of tea, coffee, prosecco or champagne, an afternoon tea is a perfect activity for everyone to enjoy together in the run up to the big day. Afternoon tea is perfect for the summer, with the delicious desserts and tea creating a fresh atmosphere. An afternoon tea offers the perfect opportunity for the hens and the bride to meet up and discuss the plans for the evening, the treats offered as part of the afternoon tea are created to be easy to eat while talking.

If you are planning on organising an afternoon tea for your hen party, then follow the link here to learn more about the afternoon teas offered by One Warwick Park Hotel, the Tunbridge Wells wedding venue.

Laser Tag

For more adventurous brides who enjoy time spent outdoors, a game of laser tag can be great fun to participate in. Laser tag is a game that is great for small to medium groups of people like a hen party. Whether you are working together or as a group, the adventure of the event is a fantastic way to ensure that the hens who may have not met before or don’t know each other well can break the ice. Competing with each other is a great way to get to know everyone in the party and can ensure your summer hen party goes smoothly.

Whether it is a team game or a solo battle, laser tag is fun and silly, a wonderful way to spend time together before the wedding. While many venues for laser tag are indoors, many are set up outside and can be a wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

Garden Party

A barbeque is always a wonderful way to enjoy a weekend, with a warm fire to sit around and delicious food cooked over an open fire the perfect way to end a sunny day. Whether you decide to cook yourself on a home barbeque, or hire a hog roast to feed a larger party, spending the evening outside enjoying some hearty home cooked food and a beer or cocktail is the perfect way to hold a relaxed summer hen party.

If your Tunbridge Wells wedding venue doesn’t have an outdoors space, then booking a local restaurant might be a plan –  or at our sister restaurant STEAK we can offer you a variety of meal options to select from.

Spa Weekend

While your wedding day is a wonderful event, planning the wedding can be stressful, especially if you are inviting a lot of guests. A little bit of pampering can be just what you need for your hen party. Whether you book in for massages or do home treatments together as a group, a spa theme for your hen party can offer the perfect opportunity for the bride and the rest of the party to relax and unwind.

Painting nails, putting on facemasks and even doing each other’s make up can be great fun to try, and can act as a great bonding experience. Having some champagne as a tipple can make the experience all the more luxurious, as can a stay in One Warwick Park Hotel’s lovely rooms.


There are various workshops available to try that would be a fantastic treat for a hen party, from pottery making or a chocolate making workshop to landscape painting. Enjoy spending your time in the lead up to your wedding creating something amazing in a relaxing setting. A variety of workshops can be booked for larger groups or parties, with many taking place around Kent or Sussex.

Hen parties are an opportunity for you to have fun with your friends in the run up to your wedding. Crafts such as pottery can be a great way to unwind and relax as well as creating a wonderful memento of your hen party experience.

Steak Dinner

A steak dinner together as a team before heading out to the bar is a fantastic way to enjoy your evening. Our restaurant STEAK specialises in steak meals for our guests, but we also offer a wide range of dishes that are vegan or vegetarian in order to have a range of options available to guests who have different dietary requirements.

If you are considering booking a table with STEAK for your evening meal, then follow the link here for our incredible menu. One Warwick Park Hotel also has a gorgeous bar which serves a range of cocktails and other beverages – perfect as a venue for your hen party. 

If you are considering One Warwick Park Hotel as a venue for your summer hen party, then contact us here. Our hotel has a range of catered and self-catered accommodation to help ensure your hen party is a splash. If you have any questions about what we have to offer, our professional staff will be delighted to discuss what we can do for you.

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