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afternoon tea.

Summer parties are wonderful events to attend and to organise. Summer parties are often less formal than their winter counterparts, giving party organisers the chance to serve summer cocktails and open up the dance floor. With guests arriving in floaty bohemian dresses and light jackets to suit the warm weather, summer is a great time to let loose. There are many interesting themes and styles to make sure your summer party is one to remember. Whether you are organising a corporate party or a family reunion, a summer party is sure to be fun for your guests.

One Warwick park has multiple beautiful function rooms with lots of windows and white walls, perfect for a summer event. Our staff create some delicious summer meals, with local produce and meat, as well as an extensive wine list to tickle the taste buds.  This article will discuss some fantastic ideas for summer parties to try.


When organising a summer party, choosing a unifying theme can help you decide on other details such as the menu, drinks and entertainment for the night. Once you have decided on a theme it will give you and your guests a concrete idea of how you want your party to turn out. If you are having a themed party it can also give cues to your guests about what to wear, such as a summer dresses or Hawaiian shirts for a beach themed party. Here are a few summer party ideas for themes to consider:

  • A beach party – A beach themed party can be wonderful, creating a relaxed atmosphere for a birthday or a gathering of friends. Inflatables and palm trees make for a fun filled decorations on the dance floor. Serving nibbles and Pina coladas will fit the theme perfectly.
  • A garden party – Summer is all about the outdoors, with flowers and potted plants as accents to a beautiful room. A garden party theme will be perfect for a more formal gathering, with guests arriving dressed to the nines in cocktail gowns and suits and ties.
  • Carnival fun – A carnival is an incredible theme for a dance party. Bringing out all the stops for a brightly coloured and musical extravaganza will work well for a group of high energy guests.
  • A literary party – Inviting your guests to attend your party dressed as famous literary characters can be great fun. With characters such as Alice in wonderland and Frankenstein attending the same party.
  • A silent disco – In a silent disco, guests dance to music transmitted through headphones. Many are arranged so guests can select their own music rather than listening to a DJ. These are particularly popular as those who aren’t dancing can sit and chat without loud music as a distraction.


Before you consider your party décor, you should select your venue and function room. The décor chosen will have to suit the venue and it may depend on the size of the function room and the base style already there. At many hotel venues they are practiced at setting up a wide range of decorations for parties, as well as weddings. If you are ever unsure asking the staff at your venue for potential suppliers or recommendations can be very helpful.

With flowers blooming and plenty of bunting, summer will give you the option to be really creative with your decorating. Summer is associated with bright tropical colours that can really light up a room if used correctly.


When considering ideas for summer party entertainment, there are hundreds of activities to try, ranging from laser tag to hiring a band to perform. If you discuss any ideas you may have with the staff of your venue, they may have the contact information for performers that have worked with the venue before and can help you find the right people for your party.

  • A dance party – Everyone loves a dance party, whether you are 18 or 80! Setting up a dance floor and music is a recipe for an incredible night. Organising for a ballroom dancing lesson before the party starts can ensure a truly fantastic night for you and your guests.
  • Beer and wine tasting – Beer and wine tasting can be a fantastic way for you to celebrate an event. This will please all your foodie friends and can be a wonderful way to begin the night. Including other accompaniments such as grapes and cheese can add an extra element and give any friends that don’t drink something new to try as well.
  • Live music – Live music is a fantastic way to entertain your guests. A band brings an energy to a celebration that is hard to replicate. When trying to find a good local band to play during your party relying on recommendations can help you make a good choice.
  • Cocktail making – Cocktail making classes can be a great way to kick off an evening. These classes work best in smaller groups, so that the instructor can adequately teach everyone in the class.
  • Laser Tag – Laser tag is a fantastic game for a summer party, with plenty of outdoors fun before the drinks are brought out. This sport is often dismissed as a children’s gamebut offers fun for all ages. 
  • Party games – Games such as truth or dare have been a mainstay of parties for years now. No matter your age, games such as quizzes and charades can be fantastic fun and keep all your guests occupied before their meals are served.
  • Afternoon tea – Afternoon tea is a time honoured British tradition and is a perfect party activity for a summer celebration. At One Warwick Park Hotel we serve delicious afternoon teas for you and your guests to sample along with drinks such as our house prosecco to help wash it down.


When considering party ideas for the summer season, many of us think of garden parties arranged outdoors. Many summer parties will have either a buffet style or serve finger food for guests to snack on rather than a meal. This can reduce the cost of the evening by a significant amount and is a suitable way to feed guests at a party that starts fairly late.

If you are serving a full meal to guests, then many venues will have a set menu filled with dishes that they routinely serve. A summer menu often includes lots of light vegetables and zingy flavours. Many hotels and venues will serve drinks that are directly complimentary to the food. Asking guests ahead of time to send any dietary requirements they may have to the host is invaluable. This is so that the venue can arrange food that the guests will be able to eat ahead of time.

If you are considering booking a function room at One Warwick Park Hotel, please contact us here. Our staff will be happy to arrange a tour of our facilities so you can ascertain that we have the features that you are looking for.

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