How To Make Mother’s Day Special


This year Mother’s Day is coming on the 27th of March, right on time to appreciate the beauty of the flowers that make their appearance in the spring. Each year Mother’s Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the mothers in our lives; this come in many forms, from buying a bouquet of flowers, taking your mum out for a lovely meal, or even organising a staycation weekend for the family to spend time together. With Covid restrictions hopefully coming to an end in time for Mother’s Day, there will be a more freedom for those deciding to head out to a venue to celebrate this year.

Our job for Mothering Sunday this year is to ensure that our mothers feel appreciated throughout the day. This article will give some fantastic ideas that can help you make sure that this Mother’s Day is a special one.

What is Mother’s Day?

Historically, Mother’s Day comes from a Medieval practice where those who had moved a significant distance away from home would be allowed to return to visit their ‘Mother Church’ as well as their actual mothers on the fourth Sunday of Lent. While people didn’t often travel far during this period, it wasn’t uncommon for very young children to leave home for apprenticeships or work. Holidays or time off work were scarce, and so Mother’s Day would have been one of the few days when people would be free to head home.

This practice, taking place on a Sunday during Lent, is why Mother’s Day is often referred to as Mothering Sunday in the UK. The celebration of Mother’s Day today is no longer associated with the church, and has become a far more secular celebration in the UK, with people from all walks of life taking the chance to spend time with their family and celebrate their mothers. The holiday is often celebrated on different days and with different traditions depending on which country you live in, with the American holiday often coming in earlier in the month.


When it comes to showing our family that we care about them, gifts can be the perfect way to light up their day. Giving gifts on Mother’s Day is an important part of the holiday, with many booking a bouquet or cake to give as a gift weeks in advance of the event. Gifts can be a lot of fun to find or make, but finding something specific that you know your mother will enjoy can be difficult. Here are a few tips for finding the perfect gift to make your Mother’s Day extra special:

  • Choose something that your mum will use each day, such as a favourite perfume or a diary with photographs of the family included in the cover and for each month. Making sure you select a nice gift that will come in handy each day is a wonderful way to show you have thought about which gift to choose.
  • Something you can do together, such as a reservation for a meal at a favourite restaurant together or a workshop you can both participate in will act as a lovely gift, as well as giving you more time together.
  • When you are selecting a gift remember to consider the classics, a bouquet of your mum’s favourite flowers or a box of chocolates may not be the most inventive gift, but they are always appreciated. Sometimes the classics are classics for a reason, after all.

Get Together

While an activity like an afternoon tea or sending a bunch of flowers as a gift is a great way to let your mother know you are thinking of them, sometimes coming down to spend the weekend together as a family can be the best way to show you care. With lockdown and busy schedules preventing many from spending time together, it is important that we make sure to set aside time to enjoy our family’s company.

Whether you are planning a weekend staycation or a longer trip to spend time with your family to celebrate Mother’s Day, it is important to coordinate your efforts with any siblings you may have, as well as your parents, so you can plan the perfect getaway trip together. Your mum may have a favourite place in the local area they would like to visit, or you can book a few activities such as a Sunday lunch or an afternoon to enjoy together while on your trip. Here at One Warwick Park Hotel we have a range of accommodation options for a Mother’s Day staycation. To learn more about out accommodation options, follow the link here.


Booking activities to enjoy together can be a great way to make your Mother’s Day special this year. Finding an activity that you both enjoy and can participate in together can be surprisingly difficult. However, here in Tunbridge Wells there is a variety of delights perfect for making your Mother’s Day special. Here are a few ideas for activities that might appeal to you:

  • Afternoon Tea – The traditional afternoon tea is a fantastic way to spend your Mother’s Day afternoon. Nibbling on a lovely spread of sweet treats, scones and sandwiches gives you the perfect opportunity to talk about what has been going on in your lives and reconnect. At One Warwick Park Hotel we offer a range of afternoon tea options with tea, coffee, prosecco or champagne, perfect for a Mother’s Day treat. To learn more about our afternoon tea, please follow the link here.
  • Walk – There are some incredible walks in Kent and Sussex to explore. If you are an active family, then heading out on a hike on Mother’s Day can be a great way to spend time together. The beautiful natural landscape is wonderful to witness, and sharing some of your favourite routes and areas can create a fantastic memory. 
  • Sunday Lunch – A steak dinner with family is a fantastic way to spend your Mother’s Day. Whether you book a table together at a restaurant or cook it yourself, a steak dinner in Kent is a wonderful start to an afternoon. If you want to learn more about the Sunday lunch menu at our sister restaurant STEAK, then follow the link here. 

If you are considering One Warwick Park Hotel as a venue for your Mother’s Day celebration, then please contact us here. Our staff will be delighted to fill you in on the events we have planned for Mother’s Day this year. Our hotel and the nearby Pantiles are at their most beautiful during the spring – perfect for a Mother’s Day celebration.

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