Organising A Romantic Getaway For Valentine’s


Valentine’s Day is the festival of love and romance. Taking a holiday with your partner to enjoy each other’s company is a wonderful way to spend your Valentine’s, and Valentine’s offers a perfect opportunity to escape on a weekend staycation. With a variety of different options to choose from in Kent and Sussex, you won’t need to travel long distances to find an option that appeals to you. Whether you are spending the weekend on a hike or decide to explore a gallery or museum, there is plenty to enjoy together.

With restrictions preventing overseas travel, planning a staycation getaway over a long weekend is a great way to take a break without going through the hassle of international travel.


Staycations are holidays spent within your home country, and are often far less expensive than heading abroad. The UK has a wide range of options for those with different wants, from camping pitches for hiking enthusiasts to spa hotels for those who want to spend their Valentine’s Day relaxing. Here are a few accommodation options to consider for your Valentine’s Day getaway.


A hotel offers a relaxing experience where everything you need is offered by your accommodation, with many hotels offering catering for breakfast and other meals. The hotel accommodation is associated with good service, relaxation and convenience, with many hotels situated within close distance of public transport or the centre of town.

If you are looking to spend your weekend in luxury with your partner, then booking your Valentine’s getaway at a hotel could be perfect for you. If you want to learn more about the rooms available at One Warwick Park Hotel, then follow the link here to find out more.


If you are interested in an adventure holiday for your Valentine’s Day, then camping can offer a fantastic experience. Sleeping out under the stars can be very romantic, and setting up a campfire and cooking together can be a lot of fun. When compared to a hotel a camping site is often easier to book at short notice and will give you the opportunity to explore a new area without spending too much.

Many camping areas will have cycling, hiking and water sports opportunities – perfect for an adventurous couple to enjoy together on a Valentine’s weekend break.


While some couples enjoy camping, if you want the experience of camping but with a little extra luxury, then glamping can be a fantastic way to spend your Valentine’s Day break close to nature, without compromising on comfort. With Yurts, tepees and shepherds’ huts making up the majority of glamping accommodation, they offer a luxury experience in a compact outdoors package.

Many glamping options are very eco-friendly and have fantastic natural locations to explore, through hiking or cycling outings, the area you are staying in.


Self-catered accommodation can be a fantastic option if you are bringing young children – or even your dog – on the trip with you. Most self-catered accommodation comprises separate holiday lets or cottages which offer everything you would have in your own home, such as a kitchen, living space and bathrooms.

What self-catered accommodation offers to guests is flexibility and the freedom to come and go as you please. Some hotels will have specific times when they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, so if you miss those times they will have moved on to a different menu. To learn more about One Warwick Park’s self-catered accommodation, please follow this link.


If you are looking for a more adventurous experience, hostels can be great fun to stay in. While many rooms are shared, most hostels will have rooms that can be booked for an individual. Generally, hostels will have in residence lots of young people who are taking gap years and exploring, so it can be quite loud and busy, but for those who like meeting new people and having a party the hostel atmosphere might be what you are looking for.


Valentine’s Day is all about letting your partner know you love them, and a weekend getaway can be an opportunity to spend time together which you might not have had between work, kids and other issues. In order to ensure your trip goes as planned it is important to plan ahead so that your Valentine’s Day holiday is as stress free as possible:

  • Book your time off from work early; a surprise can be fantastic for your Valentine’s Day celebration, but is important to know that both of you have your time off from work booked ahead of the getaway. That way you know you can focus all your attention on each other.
  • Ask friends and family to help out. If you have a dog or cat that needs someone to take them for the time you are away, then make sure you have plans for them in the diary a few weeks before leaving. Forgetting to make arrangements and spending the day before you leave asking various neighbours if they can take pets can be very stressful.
  • Are you planning on heading out for a romantic Valentine’s Day meal at a restaurant or at your hotel? Make sure to book in advance so you definitely have a seat. Valentine’s Day is a very busy one for the hospitality industry, and most restaurants will be fully booked and may not accept walk-ins on the day.


While there will likely be a range of workshops and opportunities to book a hoard of activities to do while you are away, having too much planned can make your holiday more stressful. The purpose of a Valentine’s Day holiday is to spend time together as a couple, setting aside a chunk of your time to relax and talk together. Perhaps cooking a nice dinner as a pair will give you a chance to enjoy your time together.

If you want to head outside to soak in the spring sunshine, have a look at any good picnic spots near your accommodation and take out a basket. With the spring flowers getting ready to bloom you may find a truly beautiful location to relax in.

If you are considering booking a Valentine’s Day getaway with One Warwick Park Hotel, then please contact us here. Our staff will be delighted to discuss the accommodation and dining options we have for Valentine’s this year.

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