Themes For A Corporate Summer Party


With spring starting, many of us are thinking about our summer plans for corporate parties and retreats. Summer is a busy time for venues in the UK, with the sun luring everyone out to have fun. Many venues for corporate events will be booked months in advance, so to ensure you are able to find a date that works for you at the venue you want it is often a good idea to book in advance. Corporate parties are a fantastic opportunity to spend some time with your colleagues and have fun in a relaxed environment.

Corporate parties are an excellent way to treat your team to thank them for their hard work. Here at Salomons Estate we offer function rooms perfect for a corporate party, with the estate situated in incredible grounds that are at their most beautiful in the summer weather. In order to plan a fantastic corporate party that will knock the socks off everyone who attends the event, then arranging a theme for the event can bring a lot of interest to your plan and help you create a party that is unique. Here are some fun theme ideas to consider for your event:

Tropical Evening

Summer is a time when many of us are planning holidays abroad and enjoying the wonderful warm weather. When planning a summer party think about bringing in tropical elements such as bright colours and tropical flavours. A tropical theme conjures up images of a wonderful sunny beach – creating colourful décor around your venue will emphasise the energy of the theme. Many of your colleagues will have planned some time abroad this summer, whether it is relaxing on the beach or hiking on a mountain range, so asking everyone to come in their favourite holiday outfits such as Hawaiian shirts and shorts or beach dresses will give your corporate party a relaxed atmosphere that will help everyone in attendance have fun.

There are many different tropical games that you can bring to the party, such as a limbo event, a hula competition (whoever keeps the hoop up longest wins a prize), volley ball or flip flop tossing (attempting to toss a flip flop so that it lands within a ring).

Murder Mystery

If you want to plan an event where everyone arrives in a more formal outfit, then consider planning a murder mystery themed corporate party. Everyone enjoys a murder mystery, and setting up a range of games which are themed around Christie’s infamous novels can bring an element of excitement to your event – Christie’s novels were infamous for their glamour and intrigue.

Here are a few fab games to arrange to ensure everyone can participate:

  • Wink murder – one of the people in the party has to leave the room as the remaining guests pick slips of paper out of a hat. Some will be murder victims and others will be the murderer. Once the ‘detective’ has returned to the room the murderers must kill off the other guests by winking at them without being caught. If the murderers are caught, then the detective wins, if not then the murderers win the round.
  • Quiz – planning a quiz centred around popular mystery books and films will get everyone invested in the game, with teams and potential prizes for the winning team creating a fantastic atmosphere.
  • Assassination – each person is given a sheet of stickers as they enter the party, the player able to surreptitiously place a sticker on the most people wins the event. This can continue throughout the entire party or just at the start, depending on how many stickers and how many guests you have.

Casino Night

A casino night can be a great way to break the ice, as setting up different casino games around the venue is a wonderful way to ensure everyone enjoys themselves. When setting out your party décor don’t be afraid to go bold with the classic red, white and black casino colour scheme, but don’t be afraid to add in other colours that are associated with casinos, such as green or gold.

In order to get the night off to a good start, placing packs of playing cards on each of the tables, perhaps with a little booklet of instructions on how to play a few classic games such as snap or go fish, can be a great ice breaker as people learn to play the games together.


While most corporate parties take place in the evening, arranging a brunch event with a range of incredible breakfast food for your guests to sample is a new and fun way to spend time with your colleagues. Brunch is a growing phenomenon where people wait until it is closer to lunch than breakfast to enjoy foods like pancakes, bacon sandwiches or eggs benedict.

While most early afternoon events don’t include alcohol, brunch is often served with sparkling wine, champagne, or cocktails like a Bloody Mary. One Warwick Park Hotel and many other Kent party venues offer brunch menus that can be adapted to suit a corporate party. This kind of event will be especially welcomed if those in attendance are given the day off from work once they arrive at the party.

Through The Decades

Whether you select the roaring twenties, the swinging seventies or even a forties themed party, selecting a theme based around a decade can be great fun. Finding music that fits the time period and that works for a dance party is generally not too difficult, whether you are searching for jazz to fit the twenties theme or some good disco music for a seventies themed corporate party.

A decade themed corporate party allows everyone to be creative with the clothes they have on hand to recreate the fashion of the time period. If you want to arrange some team building games into the event, setting up a historical quiz based on the decade your party is based on can offer a quick glimpse at who knows the most about our history.

If you are looking for a party venue in Kent, then our Estate could offer you what you need. Summer is a busy time for us, with weddings, prom and party events arranged well ahead of time. If you are arranging a corporate summer party, then consider contacting us here at Salomons Estate. Our incredible staff will be able to help you arrange a corporate party that your colleagues and clients will all enjoy.

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