What is a bespoke wedding package?

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The act of affirming your love for another person, in full view of your family and friends is a truly beautiful moment that will be treasured for the rest of your life.

Getting your wedding arrangements right makes for a fantastic day. But for couples getting stuck in to their wedding preparations, it becomes apparent that the never-ending checklist many brides and grooms must wade through in order to get to the aisle, is anything but beautiful.

The swathes of gorgeous weddings posted on social media accounts, like Instagram, facebook and pinterest make organising your wedding more stressful than ever: We all know what we want, but making your picture perfect wedding a reality can be a real struggle. Balancing your own tastes as a couple as well as making the family happy has had many thinking of eloping!

At One Warwick Park Hotel we do our utmost to make wedding planning simple. We have a bespoke approach to creating the perfect wedding for you. In an effort to stand out from the crowd, many couples are creating bespoke wedding packages as they customise their weddings down to the last detail. One Warwick Park Hotel is committed to helping you to organise the minutiae that go into making a truly memorable event.

What does it mean to be bespoke?

Every couple is different and that should be reflected in your wedding arrangements. Many couples spend months of preparation ensuring each element of their wedding reflects their personality; from the flowers and menu to the drinks served at the bar.

Situated in the heart of Royal Tunbridge Wells, One Warwick Park Hotel has a dedicated team that provides unique, tailored weddings for couples, taking the stress of planning out of your hands. At One Warwick Park Hotel we have a list of suppliers that we know will deliver, allowing you be creative in your wedding plan.

We talk with each client in order to get a sense of what you want, creating a wedding package that is specifically tailored to be bespoke to you! The One Warwick Park Hotel wedding coordinator’s singular focus is to help you celebrate in style.

Here are a few key elements that can transform your wedding experience:

  1. Décor

There are thousands of ways to decorate your wedding venue to appeal to your own personal taste. At One Warwick Park Hotel our function room is a grade 2 listed schoolhouse building that boasts beautiful brick walls and a stunning high ceiling that functions as a backdrop for your wedding decorations. Large windows let in plenty of natural light for great photography opportunities.

We use our function room as a blank canvas working with our recommended suppliers to create a unique environment that won’t disappoint. Using drapes and lights to create a great atmosphere, we are practiced at styling our interior to suit any theme or colour scheme that appeals to you.

  1. Flowers

While many weddings use primarily pastel and muted colours as a nod to tradition, an infusion of bright colourful flowers can create a refreshing ambiance that will create vivid memories. Your flowers are statement pieces, at the centre of each table and each window. Using local and seasonal flowers is a traditional way of decorating. Using native flowers can mean they last longer, as they have travelled less to arrive at your wedding. Alternatively, tropical blooms can add an exotic summer feeling to your wedding decorations with a bright burst of colour.

Over the past few years more unusual bouquets have been gaining prominence in order to add a bespoke twist to your wedding. Using dried grasses, corsages made from paper or even balloons as part of your decorations can add an element of fun to the proceedings as well as providing an interesting point of conversation for you and your guests.

  1. Menu

Is a family member vegan or unable to eat gluten? Does there need to be a dairy free dessert option? Do you need to offer child friendly meals for younger guests?

Trying to find a range of menu items that will suit everyone, regardless of lifestyle or health related diet restrictions can make things difficult. Organising your wedding dining can feel like putting together a complex jigsaw!

Asking for guest’s dietary requirements ahead of time and having a tried and tested team behind you can make the process a lot less daunting. At One Warwick Park Hotel we have dedicated chefs that are used to creating fabulous meals for a wide range of guests no matter what your requirements.

  1. Music

Getting your assorted family members and guests up and on the dancefloor after a large meal can be a trial all on its own. Having great music can really help a wedding make a splash. Having something more unusual like live a jazz band, a classical pianist and harp duo can help you inject your personality into your wedding.

And if a karaoke set is what your heart desires – go for it! After so long spent planning your perfect wedding, pick some nice tunes for the dance floor and let loose.

  1. Photography

When you arrange your wedding you want to create memories that will last for a lifetime. A large part of that is ensuring that you have some wonderful photographs and video footage of the event.

One Warwick Park Hotel is situated near The Pantiles and offers a wide range of outdoor photography opportunities. If the outdoors isn’t your style, we have some beautiful windows and scenes inside our beautiful historic building that will make for some photo album worthy pictures.

No matter what your wedding plans, we would love to help you make them a reality. If you are interested in One Warwick Park Hotel for your wedding make sure to get in touch!

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