What Makes A Great Mother’s Day?


Your mother is part of the foundation that makes you who you are, and setting aside some time on Mother’s Day to show how much you appreciate your mother is a fantastic way to create a meaningful day for you to share. Whether you book a weekend away to spend time together, or decide that an afternoon spent out in the garden together working on improving the vegetable patch will be a better way to bond, take the time to think about what your mother enjoys most and how to incorporate that into your plans for Mother’s Day.

When considering what will create a wonderful Mother’s Day for your family (most importantly your mum), then incorporating time together doing something you enjoy is one of the best ways to organise a Mother’s Day to remember. Planning together as a family can be a great family activity ahead of your plans for Mother’s Day itself. Here are a few tips for planning a great Mother’s Day for your family.

Family Time

With work and the pandemic bringing many members of the family to other countries and preventing people around the world from meeting up, there has been precious little time spent with family over the last few years. Spending a weekend, or even just Mother’s Day itself, together in order to catch up and enjoy each other’s company can be the best Mother’s Day gift you can offer. After long stretches of time spent apart, Mother’s Day offers a wonderful celebration that can be enjoyed as a family.

In order to ensure that your mum doesn’t have to spend Mother’s Day on her feet hosting, booking a day trip to explore your local area can be a great way to bond. Booking a treat such as an afternoon tea or a Sunday lunch will give you the opportunity to treat your mum to something special to let her know how much you appreciate her.

A Meal Together

Whether you book a dinner at your mother’s favourite restaurant, or a Sunday lunch, spending time together over a meal can be a wonderful way to show your mum you care. Whether you cook the meal for your mother yourself, or book a local restaurant, having a meal together is a fantastic way to share your time.

In order to help you see your options and make a choice, here are some incredible ideas to help you select your Mother’s Day meal as a family:

  • Picnic – Finding a lovely spot in the spring sunshine to enjoy your picnic is a wonderful way to enjoy Mother’s Day, with the beautiful spring sunshine and spring wildflowers in full swing by the end of March.
  • Sunday Lunch – A Sunday lunch is a timeless classic that is perfect for a family get together. Most people enjoy a good roast, and the dish also brings a fantastic memory of childhood holidays spent together.
  • Home cooked meal – Cooking a meal for someone is a great way to show how much you care about them. Putting a lot of effort into the meal you create is a fantastic way to make your mum feel appreciated.
  • Brunch – Brunch is a lovely way to start the day, with many cafes and restaurants offering guests a wonderful breakfast for them to enjoy.
  • Steak Dinner – A steak dinner is a classic for any celebration, and where better to visit for a steak meal than our incredible sister restaurant STEAK? We offer a wide range of beautifully crafted meals, with vegan and vegetarian options for those who have dietary restrictions.
  • Full English Breakfast – Waking up early to create a full English breakfast for your mum is a fantastic option.

If you are considering visiting our incredible restaurant STEAK, then have a look through our menu here to find out more about what our wonderful restaurant has to offer.

Plan A Getaway

Mother’s Day is a great time to go on staycation with your family, as now that Covid restrictions have been relaxed in the UK, spending time together is easier than ever. If you are living abroad then spending time together can be more difficult due to the ongoing travel restrictions. Planning a long weekend holiday for the whole family so everyone can come and visit is a great way to help ensure that your mum has a wonderful Mother’s Day. If you are planning a getaway over the Mother’s Day weekend there are two types of accommodation to consider.


Catered accommodation is common in hotels that offer breakfast and occasionally other meals such as lunch or dinner if they are booked ahead of time. Rooms that are catered are often visited by cleaning staff during the day and guests are able to take advantage of the range of services offered by the hotel. This is a great option for a truly relaxing experience, as you won’t be doing any cooking or other chores while you stay there. Here at One Warwick Park we offer a range of bedrooms, with cots available for young children or babies if you need them. To learn more about our catered accommodation, follow the link here.


Self-catered accommodation is a fantastic option for a family get together; a property to let for a short period that will allow for home cooked meals and spending time together in shared spaces. A self-catered option will be a good choice for a more intimate family gathering if you are planning on spending a lot of time in the accommodation provided. If you are interested in the self-catered accommodation offered by One Warwick Park Hotel, then you can contact us here.

If you are considering booking a Mother’s Day treat with One Warwick Park, then please contact us here. Our staff will be delighted to discuss what we can do to make your Mother’s Day as brilliant as possible. Whether you are organising a weekend getaway or an afternoon tea, One Warwick Park Hotel will be able to help you arrange a wonderful Mother’s Day experience that your family will remember for years to come.

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