Planning A Father’s Day Surprise

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Father’s Day is a celebration of the fathers in our lives and what they contribute to those around them, which is generally celebrated on the third Sunday of June – meaning the specific date of the occasion changes each year depending on where the Sunday falls. While Mother’s Day has a centuries-long history, Father’s Day is a relatively recent concept initially started in America. Traditionally most families will celebrate Father’s Day with a card and gifts for the paternal influences in their lives. Others will celebrate with a special meal such as a full English breakfast or a Sunday Lunch. No matter how your family celebrates, it is a great opportunity to let your dad know you appreciate what they bring to your life and the people around you.

Planning an event is a great way to let your dad know how much you care, whether you plan a picnic at a favourite spot or book a table at a favoured restaurant. Father’s Day is an occasion that mirrors Mother’s Day, in that it provides an opportunity for you to celebrate your family relationships and make time for each other.

Organising Your Event

When planning a Father’s Day event, it is important to consider who will be coming to attend; if there are grandparents, uncles and cousins coming to celebrate together then arranging accommodation at a hotel will be crucial to how the event goes. Fitting everyone into the house is often a tricky prospect and will make the weekend rather difficult with everyone tripping over each other.

When it comes to the event itself, consider what you want from your venue. For example, would you and the rest of your family prefer to organise a private dining area or are you happy to be seated in the main restaurant? Narrowing down what you want to create for your Father’s Day surprise will help you arrange your event when you contact the hotel staff to make a reservation. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Activities 

In order to ensure you plan a Father’s Day surprise that your dad and the rest of your family will love, consider what everyone enjoys doing together as a family. If you have passionate family board game matches whenever you are able to get together as a family, then bringing a few different options with you to play will bring lot of great memories into the event. Other family activities, such as hiking in your local area or heading out on a family cycle ride to explore can also be fantastic ways to bond, before you head off for your Father’s Day dinner.

  • Guests 

Make sure you send out a schedule of what is planned for your Father’s Day surprise and where it is happening, well ahead of the actual event. This is especially important if you have relatives or siblings who will have to travel for quite a while to get there. If you all need to book a room at the same venue, then this becomes even more crucial, as many venues will be very busy on occasions such as Father’s Day. To make sure everyone will be able to attend it is a good idea to involve everyone attending in the planning for the event. Having a range of people’s input can help make planning easier to manage.

  • Function Room

When selecting a function room for your event, consider how many people will be coming. If it is a large party with a large number of guests, then a larger function room is a prerequisite to hold everyone. However, if your Father’s Day surprise is a smaller and more intimate family gathering then simply booking a more private table at our sister restaurant STEAK will provide a wonderful atmosphere along with fantastic service. To learn more about STEAK then please follow the link here to browse our website and see our Sunday Menu.

  • Menu 

Here at One Warwick Park we offer a range of dining experiences for you to enjoy, including our sister restaurant STEAK which serves a range of dishes, including vegetarian and vegan options. One Warwick Park Hotel also has a beautifully appointed bar, perfect for a pre-dinner drink and the option of a range of light bites to enjoy together.

A Father’s Day Staycation

One of the most important traditions of Father’s Day is simply to spend time together with all of your family. If you live a good distance away from your parents, heading out on the Father’s Day weekend to see them can be a great way to celebrate the occasion. Many of us live a good distance away from our families, whether that is due to work or other concerns, and travelling to see each other can take a while to organise, especially if you have young children. If you need accommodation in the area when you are visiting your parents, contact One Warwick Park Hotel. We offer a range of incredible rooms to host you while you stay in the area.

If you book our self-catering accommodation, the Townhouse, you will likely be able to fit the whole family in the same space for a great weekend spent together. Cooking up a fantastic full English breakfast and then heading out on a hike together across the Kent countryside as a family can be a fantastic Father’s Day trip. A staycation offers an opportunity for your family to enjoy a short break together over the weekend and to enjoy your time together. Booking meals at a restaurant or planning activities to do together, such as visiting towns like Canterbury or exploring castles in the area such as Bodiam, will ensure your time together is an adventure.

If you are considering One Warwick Park Hotel as a venue for a Father’s Day event, then please contact us here. Our staff will be delighted to help you arrange your Father’s Day surprise at our beautiful Tunbridge Wells Hotel.

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