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At One Warwick Park we are dedicated to creating a welcoming and relaxing environment for our guests to enjoy. As part of our efforts to create an incredible guest experience, our sister restaurant STEAK offers a range of delicious healthy meals for our guests to enjoy. With a range of menu items that are specifically formulated to cater for a range of diets, STEAK endeavours to create a fantastic dining experience.

Eating and enjoying food is a social activity that throughout the ages has been shared with friends and family. While eating out at a restaurant is not often associated with healthy eating, it is equally important for ongoing good health that everyone has a varied diet and enjoys themselves while eating. Food is a joyful experience and it should be shared with those around you. Here at STEAK we are committed to serving meals that are as nutritious as they are delicious, with a varied menu that encompasses all of the food groups to create a healthy menu for our guests to choose from.

How STEAK is Encouraging Healthy Eating

Here at STEAK we work to provide a range of healthy and delicious options for our clients to enjoy in 2022. Our team has been working to create new and improved menu items for those who are looking for a meal that is a healthier option compared to others on our menu. With many starting a new year’s resolution to be healthier in the year ahead, our restaurant is offering a range of healthy options for our guests.

Follow the link here to browse our wonderful menu.


Cocktails are a quickly growing part of the culinary scene, with new cocktails created each year and many bars and restaurants serving their own signature drinks that were created by the resident mixologist. While these are wonderful creations that many enjoy, the high alcohol content of cocktails mean that non-drinkers are unable to enjoy them. Here at STEAK we are formulating a range of ‘mocktails’ or non-alcoholic cocktails for those who are cutting back on drinking to enjoy.

Mocktails are the best of both worlds, allowing our customers to enjoy the flavours and the beautiful presentation that comes as part of a cocktail without any of the negatives that come from drinking alcohol.

Healthy Option Menu

In order to ensure that our customers have a premium experience, we are creating a fantastic ‘Healthy Options’ menu including a range of menu choices that will be more appealing to those who would prefer a lower calorie option.

Local Produce

Our cuts of meat come from the local area and we are always working to include more locally grown and produced food in our restaurant. Here at STEAK we are committed to supporting the farmers in our local area and producing incredible food that does our fantastic suppliers proud.

Locally produced food is not only tastier, but healthier, and because it retains more nutrients than food brought in from further afield, it brings a beautiful taste to your table.

Tips for Healthy Eating

Just what is considered healthy eating can be a difficult question to answer, with many different aspects going into to creating a healthy diet. Everyone is different, and what is healthy for you may not work for another individual. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when eating for a balanced healthy diet.

  • In order to have a healthy diet it is important to drink as much water as you can. Human bodies are up to 60% made up of water, making it crucial for all of our body functions that we stay as hydrated as possible. Most guidelines indicate that eight glasses of water a day are the best amount to have in order to stay fighting fit.
  • Eating a broader diet is a fantastic way to stay healthy; while some food groups are obviously more prevalent in our diet than others, it is important that we ensure that we eat a range of dishes. Exploring new dishes is an excellent reason to visit a restaurant with many options available.
  • Experimenting with incorporating more fruit and vegetables into our diet is a fantastic way to stay healthy and explore new recipes and tastes. There are dozens of beautiful fruits and vegetables that we very rarely use to supplement our diet, that are chock full of nutrients. While STEAK specialises in meat dishes, we also serve a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes that will knock your socks off!
  • Make sure you always eat enough to fuel your day. Busy people need plenty of food to keep them in good shape to face the day. Food is a necessary part of your day and it is crucial that everyone eats enough to remain on the top of their game.
  • Eating with friends and family should be an enjoyable experience. Staying healthy is important, but so is treating yourself every once in a while.

Dietary Needs and Allergies

As a restaurant STEAK takes pride in the service we offer our guests. While our menu is centred around steak, using beautiful cuts of local meat to create our food, we also offer vegan and vegetarian options for our guests to enjoy.

We use a symbol system on all of our dishes, so those with intolerances or specific diets will be able to order dishes that suit them.

(V) suitable for vegan diets

(VE) suitable for a vegetarian diet

(GF) suitable for a gluten free diet

(N) this dish contains nuts

If you have an allergy or specific dietary requirements, please let our staff know so they can advise you on dishes that will work for you, as some of our dishes can be adapted to suit different dietary requirements.

If you are interested in coming to visit STEAK and enjoy our food, please contact us here. Our staff will be delighted to discuss what STEAK has to offer as well as any questions you may have about our menu.

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