Why Hold A Wedding In A Hotel Venue?


Weddings are a celebration of your relationship with another person as well as a pledge to spend the rest of your lives together. The moment you say ‘I do’ is something you will remember for the rest of your life. Finding a venue that can bring your vision for your wedding to life can take time, and many couples will look at dozens of venues before they find one that fits them just right. Hotels can make fantastic wedding venues with beautiful décor and experienced and enthusiastic staff. Here at One Warwick Park we take pride in our wedding services and the incredible day we are able to help create for the bride and groom.

A wonderful venue can go a long way towards making sure that you enjoy your day and all your plans go smoothly. Having experienced staff and caterers helping you to create the wedding you have dreamed of is a weight off your shoulders, as they will be able to guide you using their knowledge of wedding planning.

Hotel venues

Often wedding guests end up spending a lot of time travelling, from the wedding ceremony, to the location of the reception, to the accommodation you have booked for the night. This can be quite stressful, as your guests have to find each location – often by taxi if they have been drinking – and arrive still looking nice. Whether you book taxis or select members of the party to act as designated drivers, ferrying all your guests to the correct locations can be difficult, not to mention trying to plan a wedding taking place in essentially three different venues.

One of the greatest advantages of a hotel venue is that they often have the capability to arrange the ceremony, the reception and guest accommodation all within the one premises. This not only cuts down the amount of travelling the wedding party has to do, but means that all the events are arranged in one building, making it much easier for the bride and groom to plan their event in a cohesive way.

Here are three unique services that a hotel venue can offer a wedding party:

  • Recommendations 

There are a lot of extra elements of wedding planning that come together to create the wedding of your dreams, often including a florist, a photographer for the event, a band or DJ for the wedding entertainment as well as any other staff you need to hire, such as a baker for your wedding cake. Most hotel venues will have a list of professionals that they recommend to work on your wedding.

While they may not all have a portfolio that matches what you want, having a look at the list may give you some ideas.

  • In-House Catering 

Hotel venues almost always have a catering team as part of their staff to serve their hotel guests. With many hotels being paired with restaurants which are on the premises, their menu options are often top notch. Having the catering team and staff coming as part of the venue means that any prospective brides or grooms will have one less thing to worry about. Many hotels will also have trained bar staff already working at the hotel who will be able to serve a range of different drinks at your wedding. 

Our Kent hotel, One Warwick Park is paired with our sister restaurant STEAK. If you are interested in viewing our menu, please follow the link here.

  • Experienced Staff 

As the staff work at a hotel which often caters for weddings and party events, the staff will have previous experience of similar occasions and will be able to help you ensure that your wedding goes as planned. Many hotels will have an events coordinator who will help you plan your wedding at the venue.

Your wedding day can be a stressful experience as well as a great one. Having the support of professional and experienced staff to help you on the day of your wedding can make the experience so much better for the couple, as well as the guests.

  • Accommodation 

Your hotel venue will be able to act as both a wedding venue and accommodation for your guests. When you are planning your wedding it is often near where you grew up, but not necessarily where you live currently. As you grow older, many of your friends and family members may move a good distance away from where you are planning to hold your wedding. Often guests will have to travel long distances and book overnight accommodation if they want to be able to attend, and having a range of accommodation options at your venue can make planning much easier.

Having accommodation options within the venue will cut down on travel expenses and can ensure that your wedding guests have a wonderful wedding experience.

  • Décor 

Hotels often have wonderful décor already in place to help their guests relax and feel at home. When you walk into a function room, having good bones already there to create beautiful décor for your wedding party can be wonderful.

Often hotel function rooms are fairly plain, to allow you to bring in your own decorations to customise the feel of the wedding venue to suit your taste.

  • Facilities 

Most couples will tour the grounds and the main rooms in the hotel they will be using before they book the venue. Taking the time to have a very detailed look at what your venue has to offer in terms of facilities can be a great tie breaker. Many hotel venues have restaurant or spa facilities that you can use in the run-up to the big day.

If you book a room, or a set of rooms, for the day leading up to your wedding, the bride and groom will be able to stay at the venue with the wedding party throughout the day preparing for the event. Having more time to yourself with your friends can help you to relax during the wedding.

If you are considering One Warwick Park as a venue for your Tunbridge Wells wedding, then please contact us here. Our staff would be delighted to discuss what One Warwick Park Hotel can do for you.

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