10 Great Valentine’s Day Activities


Valentine’s is a fantastic holiday, celebrating love and romance, that is enjoyed around the world. The mainstays of the tradition are offering flowers and chocolates to a partner or someone that you admire. While Valentine’s celebrates St Valentine, a saint who was executed for carrying out wedding ceremonies against the wishes of the Emperor, the roots of the holiday are Roman and have become a mainstay with a range of different ways to celebrate. While Valentine’s is considered the holiday of romance, often people will hand out gifts such as roses or chocolates to friends and family as well.

When celebrating Valentine’s, it is important to consider what will create a memorable day for both you and your partner. Whether you are heading away from home for a short hotel staycation or planning a romantic evening with steak and wine, planning everything a few weeks in advance will prevent a last minute scramble to find a reservation. Valentine’s is a busy day for restaurants and hotels, which are often booked months in advance for the holiday.

1. Staycation

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to book a weekend holiday with your partner. With Covid 19 restrictions making international travel difficult, planning a romantic holiday within the UK is far more achievable. As most are not travelling overseas, booking a long weekend holiday without spending a long time travelling is becoming a lot more popular and accessible.

If you are considering Tunbridge Wells as a place to visit, then One Warwick Park Hotel may be the perfect choice for you. There are both catered and self-catered options for weekend stays at One Warwick Park Hotel. If you are interested in learning more about our accommodation options, please follow the link here.

2. Hike

If you are an active person, then taking a hike through the gorgeous Kent and Sussex countryside can be a fantastic experience. The South East of England has many areas of outstanding natural beauty to explore and enjoy.

Hiking through the morning is a fantastic way to build your appetite for a beautiful Sunday lunch.

3. Steak Dinner

A restaurant dinner of steak and wine is a romantic staple, seen on the silver screen time and time again. Booking a table for two is a fantastic way to celebrate and spend a few hours enjoying yourselves out on the town.

At our sister restaurant STEAK we serve a wide range of delicious meals perfect for a Valentine’s day treat. Our wine list is extensive, as well as our incredible selection of cocktails.

4. Movie Night

Having a date night at home with a new film is a fantastic way to bond over shared interests, as the film gives you something to enjoy together and discuss. Whether you are interested in watching an action film or a romance, there will be something on show for everyone.

Watching the movie in the late afternoon and then heading to a restaurant for dinner after the film is finished is a great way to enjoy a relaxed day with your date.

5. Sunday lunch

A roast is a delicious way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family, whether you cook at home or head out for your roast. STEAK offers our guests a beautiful Sunday menu for your Tunbridge Wells roast dinner. If you want to look through the menu, then please follow the link here.

Whether you decide to book a new restaurant for your Tunbridge Wells roast dinner or decide to go for an old favourite, it is important to book well in advance of the night. Valentine’s Day is very busy, so booking a few weeks ahead of time will prevent you being disappointed.

6. Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is a classic treat for a romantic date. Our Tunbridge Wells Afternoon tea is served with a whole host of sweet and savoury snacks to nibble on as well as a nice pot of tea, perfect for a light bite while chatting to your partner. Afternoon tea is relaxing, especially in a quiet and beautiful area such as One Warwick Park.

If you are considering an afternoon tea as a Valentine’s treat at One Warwick Park, then please follow the link here to find out more.

7. Brunch

While dining out in the evening is a popular way to celebrate your Valentine’s Day, a brunch can be a fun experience that can start off your Valentine’s celebration with a bang. While you can book a café table for your Valentine’s Day brunch, cooking your brunch together can be a lot more fun as you can experiment with tastes and flavours.

Spending time together cooking your meal is a fantastic way to enjoy each other’s company.

8. Exchanging Gifts

Exchanging gifts, such as chocolates and flowers, is a Valentine’s Day mainstay for couples and friends. If you want to give your gift greater meaning, looking up the language of flowers can create messages. If you want to give a more permanent gift, buying a live plant to be placed in the garden can be a fantastic gift to your partner.

Making your own gifts can help add a little extra meaning to them, with pottery or paintings popular choices.

9. Explore

There is a wide array of local delights to explore in Kent and Sussex, from the beautiful landscapes to the towns and castles available for guests to visit. Spending your Valentine’s Day exploring your local area as a tourist can be rewarding, with galleries museums and gardens available for you and your partner to enjoy when you have free time.

Finding new ways to enjoy your local area can offer inspiration for later outings together as a couple. Often we have a lot of wonderful landmarks locally that we never find the time to explore.

10. Relax!

If you are looking for a more relaxed experience for your Valentine’s Day, then taking a day off from work to relax at home can be a great way to celebrate the holiday. Spending quality time with your partner, playing board games, cooking a meal together or heading out on a short walk are all romantic ways to spend time together. If you haven’t spent much time together, then booking a long weekend at a local hotel or glamping site can give you some much needed time alone as a couple.

If you are planning a Valentine’s Day extravaganza, then consider getting in touch with One Warwick Park, as we have a range of Valentine’s Day events for couples to enjoy. If you are interested, then please contact us here.

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